Dear Schnauzer lovers and Schnauzer lover wanna be's.
Our experience with Sandra was nice right from the beginning. We asked if we could come and meet our little gal and we only gave one day's notice and she accommodated us. When we arrived we could see the care and attention that was paid to the dogs was A1.The package that Sandra put together had a number of fun things in it for us. She supplied some food for our little gal so that we didn't have to worry about getting her the same food right away. The bag included some surprises and she will have one for you when you pick up your puppy too!Morgan has been clipped now three times and the last time in Florida the groomer asked me where I purchased the dog as she said that her coat was so nice and soft and she was a really nice puppy. She is the owner of 3 schnauzers herself so I took that as a compliment.Our first visit to the veterinarian went very well. After the exam she said that we had a very nice ,healthy puppy. I guess the proof is in the pudding!We would recommend Sandra Gamble as a breeder to anyone, and we wish all who read this many happy days with your little puppy too!
Barry & LynnSimcoe, On.
To Miniature Schnauzer Lovers,
We are the parents of 2 loveable Miniature Schnauzer. I knew the breed because of 3 other Schnauzers in the family and it was a breed I wanted. I wish I had done more research into the breeder with the first one.  The first one we fell in love with instantly but the breeding of Dudley is not to the standard of Sandra’s puppies. I learned the hard way. With my research and talking to someone who had gotten a puppy from Sandra, I decided Schnauzer # 2 would come from Sandra. And I have not regretted this decision. Elmo is definitely the better bred dog of my 2 boys.
When we got Elmo, there were many puppies in Sandra’s home along with their parents. You would not know that from walking into her lovely home. It was clean and quiet. Sandra does everything she can to keep her home clean and health for the puppies. They are her babies and she loves every one of them and wants them to go to a good home. She breeds her dogs to a very high standard. People have noticed the difference between the breeding of my boys. This reflects directly back to Sandra.
With the first telephone call to Sandra, she makes sure her babies are going to a good home where they will be loved and well taken care of. Even when we came to pick out Elmo, she pick up one of the puppies that she held back and felt would not match our out going personalities. This puppy was very shy and would have been very overwhelmed by Dudley and my family. Elmo was the first puppy I picked up and fell in love instantly. We all felt that he was the one. He is curious and loving. He loves other dogs and people. At puppy class he wanted people play not puppy play because he gets that at home. He is emotionally a more stable dog that his big brother.
I love that Sandra runs her breeding business with such high standards and it very thorough. And I loved the little extras that come home with the puppies, shows that she really cares.
Thank you for the opportunity
Thank you for the opportunity
of parenting one of your puppies.
Carol & BobDudley & Elmo
Dear Sandra Gamble
Just a short note to share some of our daily experiences with our two miniature schnauzers named Jackson (who we have now shortened to Jack) and our female Pepper.
Our day begins at about 5:30 am from Monday to Friday… Pepper, Jack and I go for our morning walk together. Now we would not normally do this except that I have to be at work for 6:30 am. Jack and Pepper sleep in their kennels at night and during the day when we are not home. We feel this is the safest for them as they both like to get into a little mischief when they are out. Pepper was the one who became the Alpha dog very quickly and she obviously taught Jack all of the naughty things to do at first. Now when I say naughty I don’t mean anything that they would get into trouble for… just silly puppy things.
The one thing that both Doris and I noticed was how fast Pepper (the female) would learn to obey commands. For example the sit, stay, down and come commands she had mastered in weeks… Jack… well let’s say he was slower on the uptake. It was almost as if he felt it was taking far too much effort.
We would like to mention that the experience we had in purchasing our pups was very well handled… when we had the opportunity to go and see the pups it was handled very well. The area where the pups were kept was clean and odour free which indicated to us that the pups were well looked after. When the day finally came when we could pick up the pups… we were very impressed with how well the paperwork was handled and how thorough the information was. All the preliminary shots were done and vet information was given to us along with the instructions as to when they should have their next vet visit. Also, we felt it was a very nice touch that you had given us enough food for the two of them till we could get our own.
When we got them home we had a kennel ready for them with their little puppy toys. Veryquickly we went and got a second kennel so they would each have their own little space. We have found that this breed of dog is exceptionally clean and do not shed which is a plusfor us.
We have recommended to others that if they are looking for Miniature Schnauzers to call you.
Enjoying our New Family Members,
Our wonderful little Tripper turned a year old on Good Friday, and what a terrific year it has been.   From the first time I saw him on your web site, the phone call to learn more about him, our visit to your home to meet him and finally, the day we brought him home.   Thank you for the wonderful experience and opportunity to have such a great addition to our family.   When I found your website and followed up with a phone call to talk to you about any up coming litters, I immediately felt the connection in the love of owning Miniature Schnauzers.
After our conversation about Tripper when you reserved him for us, I was thrilled to receive the Miniature Schnauzer card in the mail and took it everywhere I went and showed everyone.   (I have also shared your website with everyone and many other Mini Schnauzer owners now know where their next pup will come from.)   This card was followed by pictures and videos weekly, which again got sent to everyone in my email address book!
The day we went to meet Tripper, I was very impressed by my experience.   When we arrived, having previously owned Mini Schnauzers, I expected a frenzy of barking, but all was quiet, if it weren't for the Schnauzer silhouettes on the front lawn, I would have thought we were at the wrong house.   When we met Trippers Mom and Grandfather, the love and loyalty of these dogs towards you was evident, and both these dogs are absolutely beautiful!   When we entered the puppy room, it was precious to see each litter in their own enclosure.   I was very impressed with the area that each litter had as their own and so much fun to watch the antics with their brothers and sisters, playing, sleeping and each with their own personalities already so evident.   (It is now hard to believe how shy Tripper was that day.)   The overall cleanliness of the room, the litter and the litter bed was very impressive.
When we brought Tripper home, we never had a problem with him crying through the night, he was house trained in 3 days, we started leaving him for short periods immediately, and his reaction was never barking or crying, he would simply lay down and rest.   The puppy kit we received proved to hold many of Trippers favourite things as well as some very helpful tools for us as puppy owners.  
Tripper has proven to be a very intelligent dog.   He loves life and everything in it (we tease that we should have called him Jackpot, because we all hit the Jackpot when we found you and your beloved dogs.)   Tripper loves life, and has such a great enthusiasm for everything and everyone.   Thank you again Sandra, our Day Tripper (his registered name) keeps us active, we arealways laughing and we constantly see how proud he is.   I love the way he prances around so proud of himself and that tail never stops wagging.
Colleen and Jeff and Tripper in Bowmanville ON. ,
 Hi Sandra:
We can't tell you how sweet natured and adorable Tessa is.   Everywhere we go, people talk about how friendly and sweet she is.   She barely barks - the rumour that schnauzers are "yappy" dogs is certainly not true with Gambles' schnauzers!   And she is SO beautiful!   Her colours are gorgeous, and unique.   I will bombard you with pictures in the next day or two!   She just got groomed by Jean again and her vet commented on how great her grooming looked!   So glad you put me in touch with her.   Tessa looks a lot like her little Minnie Pearl.
We are so glad we found you and your beautiful pups.   We still look at your website every day, and we see you're expecting more!   We may well send some people your way, who are looking for a puppy.   We strongly believe your quiet calm house and the good nature of your adult dogs is directly responsible for Tessa's wonderful calm, quiet, gentle, loving personality.
I'll send some pics soon.
After some research my husband and I decided upon a miniature schnauzer as a new family pet.   Looking on the internet I found Sandra Gambles web site.   We called and asked if there was any pups available, luckily for us there was.   We had several conversations with Sandra before Sandra was comfortable letting one of her pups travel so far from home. We liked that because it showed us that our new pup would come from a caring home.   Because we wouldn't be able to get to Canada earlier my mom in law went to see Sandra and visit.   After the visit my mom in law was very impressed with Sandra's home, the pups are born and live in one of Sandra's bedrooms.   I would say spare bedroom but the room is really for the pups so not spare at all. We arranged to pick up Millie the very first day in Canada.   We met Millie in Sandra's living room, it was love at first site for me.   Sandra's pups are all registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and micro chipped.   We also received a puppy pack with things we would need immediately for Millie, this was a surprise to me because I wasn't expecting anything like this.   Millie is 10 months now and she is a beautiful dog with a huge personality.   She has made my life richer and I am thankful that Sandra took a chanceon us.Anyone considering a dog can't go wrong with one of Sandra Gambles Miniature Schnauzers.
Joanne - Heng Mei Deng Village, Hong Kong
Dear Sandra,
Hello!  Oh my gosh Gunner is so amazing, we've just been having the best time with him!!!  He's so comfortable and relaxed in our home.  When we left your place we took our time introducing him to his crate.  Once we started to drive away he whined for five or ten minutes and then we didn't hear a peep from him for the rest of the long drive home!  He just napped and then would look out the window and then nap again… :)  We put a bear in there for him and he took to it right away.  When we got home we put him on a wee wee pad and he did his business right away.  He is so loving and give so many kisses!!  He loves to play with his bear and baby bear constantly, so cute to watch.  He eats all of his kibble right up, he's a hungry little boy!  I put him into his crate a few time on Saturday, first for a 1/2 hour and then an hour and so on…working him up to bedtime.  He slept without a peep all night, only waking up for a pee half way though the night and then back in his crate he went and settled in until morning.  The bed you gave us is wonderful!  Gunner absolutely loves it!!  He just crashes there whenever he needs a little rest.  Thank you so much for the puppy package, it's fabulous! 
We used the wee wee pads until Sunday afternoon, that's when we introduced Gunner to our back yard.  We made him a small pen to go in to keep him focused on the task and also to keep him safe.  He's now going to the bathroom outside so we are thrilled.  He has had a few little accidents on the family room carpet but he's well on his way!
Sandra, we want to truly thank you for everything.  It's because of you that our sweet Gunner is adapting so well in our home.  The love and attention you give to your puppiesis remarkable.  We are so glad we found you. 
We will send you a picture as soon as we can.  Since we don't have a computer it makes it a little difficult.  We might send you a few photos through the mail, thatmight be easier for us.  I will print some off this weekend or sooner. 
I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how well Gunner is doing and how much we love him.  :)

With many sincere thanks, bye for nowRyan, Stacey and Gunner London, ON

Hi Sandra! We thought we would send you some pictures of our growing puppy Riggs! Hard to believe he is almost 5 months old now. He was house trained in no time and is doing very well to sit, stay and come when asked. He loves to come camping with us and doesn't mind fetching sticks in the water at all!He is a wonderful addition to our family and we are so glad to have found such a responsible, caring breeder like yourself. People ask us all the time on walks where we got such a beautiful puppy! Sincerely,Neia  & Chad 
St. Catharines, Ontario  
Hi Sandra,
It is hard to believe that Maili and Keira born June 9,2010 are almost 6 months old.  Considering that I consulted you a year before the pups were due to be born the time has flown by.  You were so good to talk to and we did speak to each other many times.  You were so open and friendly to talk to and answered my many concerns and questions.  Because we live in New Brunswick and take our vacation in September you were willing to keep our 2 beautiful girls until they were 12 weeks old instead of the usual 8 weeks.  I had checked out many mini schnauzer breeders on line and your website was the most appealing with beautiful pictures of all your schnauzers.  I was able to follow updates on your litters and puppies on a day to day basis.
When we arrived at your house you brought the girls out to meet us and it was love at first sight.  We spent a lovely time sitting in your backyard discussing food, toys and generally looking after and raising the girls.  You had everything we needed to start out with so that we did not have to worry about getting things for the girls until we returned to New Brunswick.  The girls travelled beautifully, we never knew we had them in the vehicle, they settled right down immediately. Maili (our white girl) and Keira (our salt and pepper girl) have given us many laughs and fun while they are growing.  People stop to admire them wherever we go and although they were the smallest at puppy classes, they captured the hearts of the trainers and all who came into contact with them.
we would certainly recommend getting a pup from you to anyone.  The pups not only come from good lineage but are beautiful to look at and are very good  tempered.  They are very loving and are quick to learn.  We have had other breeds of dogs over the years but your miniature schnauzers have won the top spot in our hearts. We continue to check your website regularly just to see your newest additions and watch to see the wonderful homes they are going to.  Anyone who gets a pup from you will have much enjoyment and happiness added to their life.
Your friends down east,
Linda and Rick 

We would highly recommend Gambles to anyone interested in purchasing a miniature schnauzer because we had such a positive experience when dealing with Sandra Gamble.  We purchased two fun loving sisters from Gambles in November 2010 and named them Millie and Abbey.  Sandra answered all our questions and addressed all our concerns when we considered buying two puppies instead of one.  The goody bag that each of the girls got when we brought them home was wonderful and totally unexpected but they were a very much appreciated.  The puppies are good natured and very intelligent.  We hung a bell on the door by a string and now the girls will ring the bell to let us know when they need to go out to do their business.  We are looking forward to having much enjoyment with our new family additions for many years to come.  Thank you Sandra for giving us the opportunity to raise two of your lovely puppies. 
Doug and Denise
Stoney Creek, Ontario
Hi Sandra!
It's been 3 years since we picked up our precious Brooklyn from your home! I wanted to let you know that she is the most amazing Miniature Schnauzer we have ever had!!!  My husband, Mike, and I have had 4 Miniature Schnauzers in our lifetime.  Three of our girls are still with us and Brooklyn is our baby.  She was born June 10th, 2009 from Black Jack and Bella Bejewelled! 
Brooklyn is not only our most beautiful Miniature Schnauzer but she also has the best personality!!!  I thought you should know how truly incredible she is so you can keep her bloodlines going!  In a few years, I know we will be looking to add to our family of Miniature Schnauzers when our eldest, Meischa, currently 12 years old, passes on.  I would absolutely love to have another female Miniature Schnauzer from the same bloodlines as Brooklyn!  She looks just like your One Magic Moment in Time "Moe"!
When we first met, I wasn't sure what you had meant by the term "super coat".  I had groomed and still groom our girls myself....this way I know they are always in excellent hands and are consistently treated with love and affection.  In all of my years of grooming our Miniature Schnauzers, I had never run across a "super coat" until we got our little Brookie!  Her beautifully shiny, thick black coat grows twice as fast (and is three times as thick) as our other two girls.  Brooklyn is simply stunning!!! Everyone that meets her, immediately falls in love with her!!!  I have never seen a coat as velvety and lush and gorgeous as Brooklyn's coat!  She truly is a gem!
When I chose her, she was the runt of the litter.  Although I was hoping for a small Miniature Schnauzer, she is the biggest of the bunch and seems to be pretty proud of it!  She is long, lean and very graceful.  She runs like a gazelle and much to the dismay of the rabbit population on our 5 acres, she is lightning fast!  Her older sisters cannot keep up with her and she loves to tease them with her speed! 
Brooklyn, with her playful personality has really helped our middle dog, Molly.  Molly is an 8-year-old Miniature Schnauzer and every year when I take her to the veterinarian's office for her vaccinations, our vet comments on how youthful Molly is!  I always give credit to Brooklyn for keeping Molly young!  Brooklyn gently teases Molly to play with her and as a result, Molly looks and acts like a 3-year-old instead of the 8-year-old that she is!
Brooklyn is my baby!!!  I know I am not supposed to love one dog more than the others, but I do!!!  Brooklyn is my favourite! She has become the spokes-dog for my fitness studio, Hot Shot Fitness!  She's so beautiful and so charming!  Everyone loves her!
She sleeps in our bed every night cuddled into me and follows me everywhere I go!  She truly is my best friend!
I cannot thank you enough for giving me such a perfect dog!!!  Brooklyn is my dream come true!!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!Michelle KlajnermanGuelph, ON

Photo below. Beautiful head study of a black and silver  Miniature Schnauzer girl Gambles Tough Little Cookie.                    Grooming and photo by Sandra Gamble


Gambles Reg'd
Miniature Schnauzers
Hi Sandra, 
I hope all is well with you and your beautiful miniature schnauzers. Tripper is wonderful, such a joy to have as a very special part of our family. It is hard to believe he is going to be 6 next month. He brings joy and laughter to everyone he meets. He met 2 of his half brothers a couple of weeks ago, I was in a pet shop here in Bowmanville buying the Royal Canin Miniature Schnauzer dog food, when one of the girls working there commented on having 2 herself. As we talked and I saw pictures, she told me she got them through you and that Shona was their Mother (she is Tripps Mother as well). Small world, and such beautiful dogs! I love them all. 
We have a trailer about an hour north of here, and Tripper has made himself a huge part of everyones life up there. They all brag about what a great dog he is although most of them say he is a human not a dog. One friend is afraid of dogs, and I think she spoils him more than anyone, but believe me when I say he has them all wrapped around his little paw. His personality makes everyone feel like they are the most important person in his life. 
Jeff and I went away this past winter and Tripper stayed with my Mother and brother. When we got back, Mom told me she wanted to keep him because he is such a joy and brought so much to her life. Having Tripp for the 2 weeks improved her overall health and well being while he was with her. She even slept better having our little Tripp in the house with her. Tripp had quite a time getting back into his old routine when we brought him home, it took almost 2 weeks to forgive us! But I guess having someone to cuddle 24 7 and always being told your the Best Dog in the World does have an impact on you. Haha. 
I have attached a picture of Tripp relaxing in the sun room, he really is a remarkable dog. 
Thanks Sandra, 
Tripper and his people - Colleen, Jeff  

 More good stuff ! The March 16, 2014 updated Miniature Schnauzer testimonial from one of our best clients in Bowmanville, Ontario.Thank you Colleen and Jeff for sharing the joy ! Tripper's photo is on our home page ! This is what it's all about.
Photo right. March 24, 2014.Thank you Joanne for this update of your salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzers girl Millie ! She looks great ! Great photo !