Gambles Reg'd
Miniature Schnauzers

For your new Gambles Reg'd Miniature Schnauzer puppy.
Photo below.April 25, 2014. Deciduous Miniature Schnauzer baby teeth.  From left to right, 2 molars, 1 premolar, 1 canine tooth, and 1 front incisor tooth. Miniature Schnauzer baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth at around 5 months old. I believe these baby teeth belong to Stella, one of our new puppy girls at 5 months old.  I found these around my home while cleaning.
You are growing up a Gambles Reg'd Miniature Schnauzer puppy.

Your puppy's nails grow very fast and will need trimming every 2 weeks.As puppy gets older
the rate of growth for these nails will also slow down.
By 16 weeks old your puppy should have completed the series of 3 vaccinations,
or as otherwise recommended from your Veterinarian of choice.
At about 5 months old your puppy will be losing the deciduous teeth and they will be replaced with
permanent ones. You may also find these little teeth around your home. It is a cute surprise for you
when you find one. I do save them for my Miniature Schnauzer scrap books. 
When you come for your visit I can show you all the little puppy teeth I have found around the home
 from all of the puppies I have grown up for my program over the last 35 years.
As your puppy is growing you will need to take your new pet to the groomer.
I have found depending on what kind of coat your puppy has will determine how frequently
you will need to see the groomer. Generally speaking it is about every 8 weeks 
and this also depends on how fast the hair grows and how thick it is. My Champ grows a big coat fast so he is groomed and clipped more often than other pets I have.
Find a good groomer with the knowledge and expertise to bring out all the beauty in your pup
 as I do for my dogs.Having owned and operated an all breed dog grooming business , 
I feel grooming and clipping is not an exact science but lends itself quite nicely to
artistic interpretation. All groomers have their own style, like a personal signature.
 If your first trip at the groomer is not exactly how you would like it,
don't despair. It is only hair and it will grow back.
It is also important to brush and comb your pet twice a week to keep the furnishings free flowing
 and tangle free so that more pleasing results are possible.
When shampooing your pet at home always us a good dog shampoo from the pet store.
Do not use human shampoo products as this will dry the coat and damage the skin.
Do not get shampoo or water in the ears as this will predispose them to infection.

More to come on care for your new Gambles Reg'd  Miniature Schnauzer puppy.
Original composition with information from my own personal  experience for you and your new puppy, by Sandra Gamble. More to come.............................
 Much more information to come for you and your Miniature Schnauzer as this page is always a work in progress.


Before your give your Miniature Schnauzer a bath, be sure to have taken all tangles 
out of the furnishings. Tangle can be prevented with weekly brushing and combing. If your puppy objects at first, keep going. Your determination and  perseverance will pay off and your pet will soon come to love it.
If tangles are left in while bathing, when the coat dries the knots will tighten and pull on the skin.
I usually start at the back of the Miniature Schnauzer and leave the head for last
as I feel they do not like to have their head wet, so it is better to leave this for last.
Test the water before you wet your dog to be sure it is not too hot. Sometimes water that does
not feel hot to your hand is actually too hot for your dog's bath.
No need to scrub hard. Just a gentle messaging action to distribute the shampoo
through the coat for 10 minutes. Remember not to get water or soap in the ears.
Rinse the coat thoroughly and be sure to get all the shampoo out. Shampoo left in the coat
will cause skin irritation and your pet will be scratching. 
Your pet can air dry. If you would like to use your own blow dryer, use the low heat setting while
continuing to move the dryer. Do not hold your blow dryer in on spot too long as you could 
cause a burn irritation to the skin causing your pet to bite or scratch at the spot.
A clean well groomed pet is a pleasure to have around.

More to come about clipping your own Miniature Schnauzer from my own experience as a professional groomer with my favourite breed.........the Miniature Schnauzer.......Sandra Gamble
Photo below posted March 22, 2015.  This is our dear sweet and ever so lovely little boy George. This nice black and silver boy is perfect in every way . He is 12 inches tall at the whithers and has tons of coat. He looks just like our "Champ", but only smaller. He has a great temperament and hardly ever barks. He was excellent on the grooming table for me too !  We are so looking forward to breeding this ourstanding boy from Champion lines in 2015. He is a black and silver, but looks lighter as I have used a # 7 blade against the lay of the hair. I trimmed the hair on top of his nose short because it had so much curl you could not see his lovely eyes. Please note this is grooming for your companion pet Miniature Schnauzer and this is not show grooming. I feel the art of grooming the pet Miniature Schnauzer  lends itself nicely to artistic interpretation as you may have found while looking at other web sites.
Private grooming lessons are available for you and your Miniature Schnauzer pet.
                                         Call me for details. 905-357-1238 Sandra
Before I discuss clipping your pet Schnauzers I would like to talk about colour. My clients asked this question so often. What is the difference in salt and pepper and black and silver?
 I have taken the photo above to help illustrate. These two hair samples are from my own  
Miniature Schnauzer dogs Bella (black and silver)and Honey, (salt and pepper). The entire hair shaft on the jacket portion of a black and silver is solid black. On a salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer each individual hair shaft grows in bands of colour giving the jacket the Agouti or wild colour. Your can see the clear difference in my photo above with theses 2 different hair samples.

Clipping your own pet Miniature Schnauzer can be very enjoyable for you and your pet. 
It will give you a great feeling of accomplishment to say, "I did this".
I feel anyone can clip a Miniature Schnauzer. What you will need is a good clipper
  practice and lots of patience.When you first start, you don't need to get it done all at once.
 It is important to get a good feel for the equipment before you start.
 Always remain calm and in control and your pet will be too. I use a grooming table,
grooming arm with noose, Oster clipper, with blades #10, #7, #15, #30.
I feel you can get by with only a #10 blade and Oster clipper. I use more blades as I am a bit
fussy on what I do. Before your start, you pet should have a fresh bath, no tangles, 
and be completely dry. If you are a bit nervous, you can contact me for actual hands on 
instruction at my home for you and your new Miniature Schnauzer.
       Enchanting Miniature Schnauzer puppy 
               photo above by Sandra Gamble .
 Care of Your Miniature Schnauzer's permanent teeth.
 When your puppy has lost all of the deciduous teeth and the adult teeth have come in,
If you follow what I do, your pet's teeth and breath will always remain in good condition.
 All of my dogs enjoy a good chew on the Nyla Bone. I have many around the home for them
to chew when ever they want to and it also keeps them from chewing things they should not !
 I also give a big beef bone from time to time.
  They really enjoy this one and they are able to keep all of the back teeth free of
tartar. I also believe the bone marrow inside is an added benefit
 for overall health of teeth and bones.When the bone gets smaller, take it away and discard.
 I find there may an accumulation of tartar
 on the front teeth. You can remove this with a finger tooth brush and dog tooth paste. I also use
a dentist tool to assist in removal of more stubborn tartar. If you also spritz the front
 of the teeth with the Leba ll product, this will soften the tartar and it will be easy to remove.
Start getting you pet used to having their mouth handled at a young age and they will not mind
when you inspect their teeth and clean them a bit from time to time. I also like to give the 
Pedigree Breath Buster biscuits as a treat, or after a meal. 
They really work for that occasional doggy breath.
Products I like and use for my Miniature Schnauzers are in the photos just below for you.
Your new Gambles Reg'd Miniature Schnauzer puppy has just arrive at his new home with you
 and all of the goodies I have pet together for you and your new puppy to help make the 
transition a smooth one. Every effort has been made to ensure you are starting with a clean, healthy , well adjusted, and gorgeous little puppy.
Your puppy has been born in my master bedroom and raised in my home much like the home you will be providing and they are accustomed to all domestic sounds, like the telephone ringing, vacuum cleaner, music, television, my dogs barking, dish washer,cloths washer and dryer, lawn mower, etc. You may find your new little one may be a bit quiet and reserved in his new home at first. It is important to realise this little puppy has just left the care and security of Sandra's home 
and it is now up to you to continue excellent care and consistent training to grow a puppy 
up that is a pleasure to own. You are starting with a clean slate and it is now all up to you. 
For the first 2 weeks keep your puppy quiet and do not over do it with visiting and showing off. 
Keep your puppy on the same puppy food and feeding schedule to avoid intestinal upsets. 
Keep treats to a minimum. Do not feed raw meat to your puppy. Would you feed that to a human baby? There is a reason why we cook food ! Your puppy will be eating a good balanced puppy food, 3 times a day. 8:00 am. 2:00 pm. and 8:00 pm. Food sample provided in our puppy kits. 
You can vary this routine a bit. Have plenty of fresh water available all day then take the water up in the early evening. This will aid in house training if your puppy is not full of water before bed time. The more consistent you are, the faster your puppy will train. Rome was not built in a day, so please don't expect the puppy to know what is expected in just one day. Patience and perseverance pays off. Never hit your puppy or rub your puppy's nose in dirt. Use the tone of your voice only as I do. Little puppies like to chew. Get off to a good start by using the Nyla Bone I provide in all of my puppy kits. This will teach the puppy what is acceptable to chew. If you find your puppy chewing on something you feel it should not, like maybe your fingers because you thought it was cute at first and now the puppy is biting down harder, put the Nyla Bone in his 
mouth and he will know this is the thing to do.Always be kind to your puppy and never apply harsh pain inflicting corrections or screaming. Your puppy will never forget it and this will create a mean defiant dog you will no longer want. Young puppies need to relieve and go outside about every 3 hours. This may seem overwhelming and a lot of work for you at the beginning, but this is not for ever. Stick with this routine. Not every puppy is the same. Some may get it right away while others take more time. Always praise when it is a behaviour your want as I have found 
a puppy will respond more readily to positive reinforcement. You have a diamond in the rough 
and how you treat this innocent puppy when young will shape what your puppy grows into upon maturity.

Reviewed and updated by Sandra Gamble April 1, 2023
The average Miniature Schnauzer adult dog has 42 permanent teeth.
Photo right posted January 30, 2019. Two products I use to take care of my Miniature Schnauzer's ears. Product on the far right is a special powder to facilitate removal of hair from the ear canal. It makes it easier to grab the hair and remove it. When you do this, do not grab a large bit all at once. take only a few hairs at a time with your thumb and finger. Your pet may object at first, but it is important that your do this. When done I apply a few drops of Vet Solution and message at the base of the ear. This will set up the proper PH for the ear and soften any wax for removal. Don't be afraid to go deep, as the ear canal takes a turn before you get to the ear drum and you will not hurt your pet. I have never had a problem with any of my Miniature Schnauzer's ears. Vet Solution on the right can be found at your Vet. Bio Groom Ear Fresh Grooming Ear Powder on the far right can be found at  Petsmart.
Photo left.  Grooming tools you will need at home for your Miniature Schnauzer puppies and dogs.
 A good one sided pin brush.
 A steel comb to go over what you have brushed to make sure all the little knot are out. 
Nail clipper. 
Puppy nails need to be trimmed about every 2 weeks as they grow very quickly. These product can be found in any pet store and also Walmart.
More information to come as this page will remain a work in progress.  Have a great day from your favourite Miniature Schnauzer breeder in Niagara ! Sandra Gamble
Photo below posted January 30, 2019. Another great way for you to help your Schnauzers keep their teeth clean. I just got done baking these beef marrow  bones on their side for 45 minutes so the marrow stays in.  Let cool down before serving. The adult dogs sure love this treat. Can be bought in any grocery store for a few dollars.  Please wait until your Miniature Schnauzer puppies from me have all grown up before giving this to them for a treat.
 Thank you Susan for  
  reviewing this page.