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Hi Sandra!

Hope all is well.
Just a note to let you know how Leela is doing.
She starts her puppy classes tonight and we are excited for that!

This weekend we took her to petsmart and Rona and my moms house and my brothers, so she got to see lots of new things and did very well at them all. My favourite is taking her to Petsmart to see her standing up to the big dogs with no fear at all! She likes to touch noses with dogs to say hi. So cute! Funny how much personality she has already. We find at night time when we go to bed she gets grouchy and doesn't like to be petted. She keeps movign everytime you touch her, then starts softling growling if you continue to pet her. When she wakes up early morning she comes running up to our heads and becomes so snuggling. I often wear my 'Leela scarf' in the morning which is when she lays across my neck while I sleep. Everyone lovers her. She LOVES meeting people. She runs up to everyone wiggling. 
Steve has already decided he wants to get her a friend!  
Shona  Barrie, Ontario
Hi Sandra, 
Just thought I'd give you an update on Russell and send some pics. You can see how much he is adjusting to his new life! He's a doll and we are having a lot of fun watching him play and discover things. He's also a real cuddle-bug and loves to snuggle when he's all tired out. The training is going pretty smoothly too & he has his first puppy class tonight at PetSmart. The puppy kit you put together is just amazing and he adores the lovely handmade blanket and toys.
Thank you once again for the opportunity to adopt Russell - he is quickly stealing our hearts!

All the best from Cal, Tracy & family
Our little Toby has been such a welcome member of our family, and his kind ways and constant companionship are all attributed to the way you treat the puppies. Toby is now two years old and he is a gem! He has completed all four levels of dog training with great success, and has even had a small job visiting an old aged home, where he was quite popular.

When I was researching where to get a Schnauzer, I read somewhere that Gambles has a reputation for dogs with a great disposition, and I can confidently say our dog has a super personality! He has never done anything naughty, he was house trained in 2 weeks and he just loves people and other dogs.

Sandra thanks so much for accepting us as clients and providing us with such a joyful pet. People always ask us where we got him, so I hope some new clients have come your way.

All the best to you!   From Cathy  London, Ontario
Hi Sandra:

We got the certificate today, thank you very much.
Here are some Pic's for you.
Maggie graduated from puppy playschool and all is well.
She is really doing great. Very strong willed,
No matter where we seem to go with her all we get are compliments.
People can't get over how nice & gentle she is.
Our vet & groomers are in love with her and the vet says she is right on target.
She is in the middle of loosing her teeth, last night she lost 4. WoW.
Sharon's sister's son gave us the pink bed which you see in the pictures,
She drags it all over the house.
She just loves it.
Again, thanks for allowing us to have such a loving dog.


Hello Sandra! 
It has been a while since I last wrote to you, I hope you are well.  

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how wonderful Gunner is doing, he is such a handsome little guy. I can't believe he's 7 1/2 months now...seems like only yesterday we were bringing him home for the first time. Gunner is such a good boy and he is very affectionate. He can't wait for his night time snuggles on the couch and he's always giving us kisses and hugs.  

He is now in advanced obedience training doing great. He gets so excited when I tell him we're going to "school!" :) You should see him roll over, it's so darn cute!

We are lucky to live near a conservation area where we take Gunner for long walks on the trails. He loves his nature walks and through the success of our training we are able to let him off the lead so he can explore on his own...he doesn't venture very far away before coming back to our side to "check in".  

Gunner is a wonderful dog and he brings us much joy and laughter.  

Take care, 
Stacey, Ryan and Gunner

We thank all of our clients for the nice things you have to say about us. We enjoy all of your Miniature Schnauzer stories and photos and we want to hear more ! 
Miniature Schnauzer puppy grooming and photo above by Sandra Gamble.
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Hi Sandra,

Had Casey groomed today, so thought I would share her photo after her new "do"....
She reminds me of her Daddy "Vince".... The groomer said she was VERY GOOD on the table and was no trouble when getting her nails clipped...



Hi Sandra,
My mommy & I wanted to say hi and wish you a very merry Christmas! Mommy says you’ve had a very busy year with lots of puppies!
I’ve had a really exciting year with my new mommy. We’ve become best of friends! She’s so proud of me…I’m so well natured and behaved and of course incredibly cute!
I love everyone and everyone loves me...my Nana, my Poppa, Yimmy (mommy’s friend Jim), kids in the park, mommy’s friends and family, and I have lots of doggie friends too….Misty, Trixie, Brando, Princess, Chloe, Pepper, Roxie, Sadie.... even my poppa’s cats! My mommy thinks I’m a little flirt with the girls! It must be my charming personality and good looks!
I love to go for walks…I’m always hoping to run into my friends and make new ones too!
I’m a very playful boy…. I love all my toys. Mommy says I’m the most playful of the 4 dogs she has had. I LOVE BALLS and I know where the squeaker is in all my squeaky toys. My squeaky basketball, life size furry soccer ball and squeaky rat are my favourite toys….I could play with them for hours…but I get tired and need a nap. The 2 balls belonged to my big brother Bosley…. Mommy says I have played more with them in the past year than Bosley did in 13!
Mommy took me to the pet store for a holiday/birthday photo and I wanted to share it with you. It was taken November 26th. Am I cute or what!  
Well I hope you have a really super Christmas Sandra! I know I sure will…. Mommy keeps telling me Santa is coming and he brings toys & healthy treats!
Lots of love and wet sloppy kisses


Hi Sandra!

Baxter has been with us for a month now and we love him so much! Everyone just adores him and thinks he is the cutest little schnauzer they have ever seen! He is such a smart little guy too! Within 24 hours of bringing him home, he was house trained. He has been in puppy school for 3 weeks and is already at the top of his class. He is just such a joy to have as a member of our family. We wanted to thank you for what you do… you are not simply a breeder, but a maker of happy memories for so many families.

I have attached a couple adorable and stunning photos of ‘Bax’, that I am sure you will enjoy! (feel free to use them on your site if you’d like!) I will be sure to send you some more pictures when he has his first haircut very soon!

Many Thanks,

Kelly & Allison 
We love what we do for you !
Thanks for going with us !
Hi Sandra! 
Thank you so much for this beautiful little girl. We have decided to name her "Minnie". I included a pic of her sitting nice and pretty in our kitchen she is so pretty. I especially love how she has a gradient colour markings in her paws where it goes from white to dark again  

I thought id let you know she seems to have settled nicely so far. We had a great afternoon/evening. She has gone to the bathroom (# 1 & 2) out on our deck no problem. She has enjoyed some playtime and also likes her fuzzy blankie you made her and snuggled with it while testing out her crate. She didn't even whine at all...she went in and had a nap. 

I received your msg re:the pet insurance. Thanks. 

Take care and hope you had a nice relaxing evening. Ill keep you posted and send along any great pics I take  

Hi Sandra,

  We hope you and your fur family are doing well. Zoe went in for her first groom today! She's doing well and has fit into our family wonderfully. She starts her first puppy training classes Saturday. Although, she's already learned the basics from us...come, sit, etc. We take her everywhere to make sure she is social and we always get great compliments on her. I've attached a few pics for you to enjoy.     Carolyn
Hi Sandra

Hope all is well with you, and you are busy preparing for the
Christmas season. We are having a blast with Oliver, he has brought so much joy and love into our life, we can't imagine not having him. He is such a character and it is so much fun watching him grow and his personality change every day. He passed his second level of training and we are going to enrol him in the final level expert in the new year, he is so easy to train. We are looking forward to our first Christmas with him, so far he hasn't bothered with our tree!      
 Sarah  Mississauga, Ontario
Hi Sandra,

I just wanted to touch base to let you how thankful we are for the wonderful job you did with our little Duke & Daisy. I found your website very informative and helpful as it detailed out all of your understandable and reasonable policies. I was very impressed with our seamless transaction! 
Duke & Daisy both have distinct and loving personalities and they have fit into our family with ease. They are so very playful. 
Thank you for choosing our family and more importantly, your professionalism. It's very obvious how much you love your own Miniature Schnauzers & and every puppy that has come from them. 
They're almost 4 months old now, and our Veterinarian tells me they're the picture of health! They're very inquisitive and just downright loveable. (Photo right are Daisy and Duke taking a rest on one of Sandra's puppy blankets before boarding the plane).
Thank you again,
Ann Szeglet & family  Thunder Bay, Ontario
Hi Sandra,

Buddy has been such a great addition to our family! There is not a day goes by that he doesn't make us laugh many times. House-training was easy - any mistakes are ours - not his! He is in puppy school and doing very well. He loves our five grandchildren and playing with all the dogs in our neighborhood big and small. Everyone comments on his great markings and how handsome he is. He has grown very fast - 14 pounds at the vets yesterday and not quite 4 months!I wanted to ask you when he should get his first haircut. He has been for a puppy trim, nails and ears but is getting quite shaggy. Can you give me information on booking a grooming with you?

Thanks Sandra for a great puppy...so smart...so cute!
Lynne and Ron 
Grimsby, ON
Thank you for the picture and the great visit. The puppy is doing very well and all the dogs are adjusting very nicely. We will send you more pictures soon. 
Paul and Sharon  St Thomas, Ontario

New clip and new photo just posted April 24, 2014.Stunning !
    Miniature Schnauzer photos below with testimonials  were received from my clients.
Hi Sandra ... we have Sochi! 

He travelled really well and was perfect. Our friend Chris told us he was perfect on the plane, didn't whimper and wasn't nervous ... slept most of the way. 
My Chris (there's two Chris's) went to the airport for Sochi's arrival and to get him. 
I can't even begin to tell you the excitement for us to have him here. He is so good! Very cuddly and gentle. He's not nervous or stressed. He seems to have a beautiful temperment and so we feel blessed. 
He's been exploring the house. He slept through the night in his crate. Not a whimper. We kept him in our bedroom in the crate. He's eating his food and drinking the water. 
Sending a blanket etc with the scent was perfect.
We've read through the information you provided. Thank you for sending it and his family picture. 
I told a friend of mine that love at first sight really does exist. Fitting for Valentine's Day as my Chris is just so pleased.  
He loves the tennis ball! We have lots of those! 
Here's some pics of him with my daughter Emily and her friends. Emily is in the middle. The girls came by this morning before school to see him. They have dogs so are dog people. And there's a pic with him cuddled with Chris and them with the tennis ball. 
I will send a family picture next week when our son is here. He's off skiing for a few days on break from university. 
Enjoy the pics. Thanks Sandra. 

Jeannie (St. Johns, Newfoundland)

Hi Sandra! 
Happy belated new year how are you? Hope all is well. I thought I would share a few photos of our precious Minnie. Minnie is about 10 months old now & the light of our lives Every single night she sleeps above my head. It's her favourite spot! she also cannot seem to resist a bin full of clean laundry! She jumps right in and relaxes or has a snooze in it! Too cute. The thing we are most thrilled with is her friendly personality. Like most, she will bark when someone arrives, but all one has to do is show a friendly hand and greet her and she will be their new best friend. She will submit to them & roll onto her back, awaiting a belly rub She is extremely friendly and loves meeting new people and having them pay attention to her. 
We may be interested in the future, in adopting a little black and silver boy from you, to join our family. Minnie would love a furry friend too! Do you have any litters on the way or planned in the next while? 
Take care Sandra and enjoy the photos below  

Brantford, Ontario 

Gambles Reg'd
Miniature Schnauzers


Hard not to think fondly of you when everyday we see a product of your care and love you have for these schnauzers. Nina is such a joy!! 
So we brought Nina down to Florida since we were going to be here for two weeks. She was amazing! She did as she was told and stayed quiet. We brought her on board with us, since she was small enough to fit in an animal carrier. Once in the air we opened one side and she just popped her head out and slept all the way.
We even had a 2.5 hr layover in Atlanta and she was great. Only thing she was too excited with all the smells, she would not go pee at the dog station so she went from 6am to 5 pm with no pee! I also think she had no idea what to do with grass. All she knows is how to pee on snow and now we were trying to let her go pee on what she probably thought was a carpet! lol. I also kept the water to minimum (water bottle capful at a time).
But Anthony still can't believe how she is such a good pup (5 months now). He said he has never seen such a good dog before at such a young age. He actually thanked me for doing a thorough job on finding a good breeder. That's you!! :) 
She is also soooo cuddley! I've attached some photos of her and how she loves to snuggle. She has her own bed but in the morning she likes to come in for a snuggle. I'm also sending a photo of Nina laying half out of her airline bag waiting for the next flight. Such a good dog!

Marla (Orillia, Ontario)

Photo right.
Nina in Orillia is full sister to Maggie in Niagara On The Lake, Ontario, Jasper in London, Ontario, Joey in Aylmer, Ontario,  Rascal in Barrie , Ontario, and Remix in Etobicoke, Ontario ! This darling girl is from our exceptional 2013 Christmas Holiday event !
Hi Sandra:

Just to keep you updated, we are the couple from Montreal who flew in to pick up a Miniature Schnauzer from you a couple of years ago. We named our puppy Maggie. 
Anyways here are a couple of pictures Sharon took yesterday, May 10th 2014 of her. 
She will be three this June and she is the greatest.
Hope all is well with you.
Sharon & John