Reg'd Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzers
Gambles Reg'd


                                   Surprise ! 
                 I guess my vacation is over ! 
                  I have recovered very well 
             from another major surgery too !  
         And now 2 of my girls have been bred !
Genna and Marti litter due as of September 4, 2021
Daisy and Legend litter due as of September 5, 2021.
View parents to be on the "Our Pets " page.
Ready to take home the first week in November 2021.
Colours we are expecting from this combo are black, and black and silver.
Colours we are expecting from this combo are white, black, salt and pepper, and black and silver.
Photo below posted July 18, 2021. Jessyca and her puppy boy Duke born February 27, 2021 out of  Daisy and Marti.  I just love this photo of you both. Thank you for your lovely photo ! 
Photo below posted July 18, 2021.This black Miniature Schnauzer girl born February 17, 2020 is out of Genna and Marti ! Poppy is so photogenic. Thank you Mark L. for this great photo !
Photo below posted July 19, 2021.  One of the best photos I have ever seen ! Boo is part of the wedding party ! A salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer born October 29, 2020 out of Gina and Marti with tremendous coat ! Thank you Cindy for this superb photo.
Brand new wait list forming now !
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                                     Photo below posted July 27, 2021. 
                                   Just received today from Jessica H.
Teddy and friend enjoying the gentle waves on a crystal clear day at the beach .                                  Teddy is a undocked ( European look ) 
                black and silver boy sired by Gambles Amori Marti  ( Marti )
                          Thank you Jessica for another great photo ! Love this.

              Potential new clients please note I am no longer removing dew claws 
              and no longer docking tails. I have grown to love this European look !
Some of our policies have changed during this Covid. I can fill you in when you call.