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Miniature Schnauzers
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7 new photos below posted  April 12, 2021 The Daisy and Marti fine litter of Miniature Schnauzer puppies born February 27, 2021, are now 6 weeks old !   They sure look great !   Strong, vibrant, and so stunning !   
Mom and pups are doing great !   Salt and peppers,  black and silvers.  Daisy delivered all of them by herself with me looking on.   
Your puppies are now eating moist Science Diet Puppy Food !  
ALL SOLD !     Will be 8 weeks old April 24, 2021.  You can start to take home your sweet darlings Saturday April 24th. and Sunday April 25th. 2021. I have a wonderful puppy home coming bag for you with everything you need for your new member of the family !  Clients can call me on the phone with your questions.   
                        Enjoy everyone !   Have a stellar week !   Sandra
Photo right posted March 14, 2021. Included in your puppy kit is this 4.5 pound bag of Science Diet puppy food. Your puppies will be weened on to this and you should continue with this food when you get home.
             April 12, 2021 . 4 new photos below !
       The Aurora and Marti litter !  Born March 16, 2021.
           4 girls . All black and silvers and so gorgeous ! 
Mom and pups are doing very well. I plan to update the photos around every 2 weeks so you can see how they are maturing. Starting eat food too ! I will place the new photos of the same pup in the same position. #1 puppy has perfect markings (show prospect) and is the largest at this point in time. #2 puppy has a pencil line blaze on chest. #3 puppy has a very large white blaze on chest like her Mom. #4 puppy also has a white blaze on chest, but a bit smaller that # 3 pup.
Enjoy the new photos of your puppies I just took moments ago.

All Sold !
Photo below posted March 25, 2021. The Aurora and Marti litter looking good ! Growing nicely. All puppies have the same colour as the puppy on the far right. So striking ! Lovely coats. Eyes should be opening soon. Wish I was keeping 2 of these ! 
                       Puppies will be ready to join you May 15th. and 16th. 2021.
                           Congratulations for getting in on this very fine litter.
All Sold !
Photo below posted March 25, 2021. The new puppy blankets I have been working on are included in my puppy home coming packs. Will have the scent of my home to help make your new member feel comfortable in their new home. I am so excited about these new puppy packs I am working on.
 I am finding many new exciting products for these kits which have virtually everything you are going to need.  
Just add your love, and maybe even more toys from Petsmart.
(Dog statue not included).
I also have a 3 generation picture pedigree for your puppies to match the art below. Your puppy's family tree and heritage.
Thank you for enjoying my photos everyone !
  I belong to Mandy
  I am Pepper
To be Vet inspected and vaccinated Thursday May 13, 2021. Your darlings will be ready to take home  Saturday May 15th. and Sunday May 16th. 2021
To be Vet inspected and vaccinated Thursday April 22, 2021.
I belong to Cameron
  Important updates in progress.
  Important updates in progress.
 I belong to Jessyca
 I belong to Donna
 I belong to Adora
 I belong to Lauren
 I belong to Marjorie
 I belong to Meg
 I belong to Marianna and David
 I belong to Jackie and Nicole
 I belong to Lori
  I am Eevee
  I am Heidi