Reg'd Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzers
Gambles Reg'd


Clients please note. From this point onward we are  
    no longer docking tails or removing dew claws.
Dear potential new clients. Due to the very high demand of puppies at this time of Covid-19, it is impossible for me to get back to all of those that demand my attention.   There are 1000's of people that want to be on a list here. It is unrealistic for me to compile one due to this fact when I am just a small home breeder. At this time I will be taking a vacation from my phone and email until September 2020 when I may have new puppies for you.
     I will not be returning any emails and phone calls until then . Sandra
    Sandra will be unavailable for consult about the new litters until September 2020 
   as she is on her break and will not be     
    returning any phone calls or emails.
We have 4 litters due to be born late August through the first week in September 2020. Prices to be determined after puppies are born and I have looked them over and had my first pick.
Photo Above. Sandra and Midnight. Sorry this puppy is SOLD.
We have no other puppies available at this time.
Attention clients with puppies born in 2019. Your official CKC documents have been mailed out to you. Clients with puppies born in 2020, yours are still at the Canadian Kennel Club waiting to be processed. As soon as I get them I will mail out to you immediately,  if not sooner.