Reg'd Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzers
Gambles Reg'd


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Mom and pups are now resting nicely. Call me with your interest.
                                 Sandra 905-357-1238
1 solid black boy is on the left.
1 dark salt and pepper boy is on the right.
Congratulations  Judy !
 I am Fritz
 I am Brutus
Puppies will have their long European look tails. 
Congratulations  Stanley !
                           Both puppies are now sold. 
        Ready to take home the first week in January 2023.
Photo below taken November 13, 2022. The Genna and Marti 2 boys are now 1 week old and they look great ! Enjoy the new photo everyone !
                                           Sorry, both are SOLD.
 I am Brutus
 I am Fritz
    I belong to 
Stanley and Ben.
I belong to Judy.
Photo below November 20, 2022. The boys are now 2 weeks old. Eyes just starting to open November 19, 2022.  These 2 are so strong, robust, and active. I am so happy with them ! Enjoy !
More photos coming soon !
Daisy and Marti litter   
     due to be born  
    January 22, 2023.
Photo below posted November 27, 2022. Your puppies are now 3 weeks old ! Enjoy my art with the Schnauzer puppies !