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Miniature Schnauzers
Gambles Reg'd


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         Born  to Daisy and Legend August  28, 2020 

1 light salt and pepper girl ( SOLD ). 
1 black girl (SOLD). 
1 magnificent white boy ( SOLD ) 
 2 dark salt and pepper girls (2 SOLD
Mom and pups are now resting nicely ! So happy with these !
Will be 8 weeks old October 23, 2020. They will be ready to take home Saturday October 24, 2020 and Sunday October 25, 2020 .
I am so excited about these new puppy home coming packages I am working on for you. I have been all over the internet looking for great items and I have found them !     
          Can't wait for you to see what I have for you !
6 Photos below. September 20, 2020. The Rose and Vlad litter was born September 3, 2020  in the wee hours of the morning. Labour was very easy for Rose. She delivered all 6 by herself with me looking on. Mom and pups are now resting nicely. Rose has tons of milk !  We have; 1 light salt and pepper boy (SOLD), 2 darker salt and pepper boys (2 SOLD ), 1 black and silver boy (SOLD), 
2 darker salt and pepper girls (2 SOLD).
6 Photos below. September 20, 2020.  Now 16 days old here in the photos I took today.The Aurora and Legend litter .  Born in the wee hours of the morning Sept 4, 2020.  A very fine litter . Aurora delivered these all by herself with me looking on.  I can't believe she all of these !  (4 boys, 2 girl). 
2 white boys ( 2 SOLD. 1 black boy ( Sold). 1 black and silver boy (SOLD). 
         2 black girls ( 1 SOLD, 1 AVAILABLE)
All puppies are resting quietly with mom.      What a fantastic surprise !
For my clients purchasing the white puppies your kit will include a special order of my favourite shampoo to help keep your puppy white.
Photo below September 10, 2020. The Genna and Marti litter has arrived today September 10, 2020.  All girls too ! 
                                  2 black girls (2 AVAILABLE) .
 2 very dark salt and pepper girls (2 AVAILABLE)
Labour and birth was easy for Genna. She did not make a sound ! 
                                  Mom and pups are now quiet and resting.
September 13, 2020 note from Sandra. Dear clients with deposits in. I have made notations in the litter descriptions below so you will know which puppies are spoken for, as an aid for you in the selection process. 
            Let me know what you think. Thank you so much. Sandra
         Two photos of white 
Miniature Schnauzer girl "Ava" 
from a previous litter sold.
  I belong to Tina !
  I belong to Susan
  I belong to Sean
                                     5 photos below September 14, 2020. 
The Daisy and Legend litter puppies just a bit over 2 weeks old here. Enjoy !
My eyes are just starting to open !
   I belong to Kyle and I was born on Kyle's Birthday too !
 I belong to Jack
                                      Photo below posted September 15, 2020. 
              This is one of Genna's puppies from her previous litter SOLD. Same sire.
                            This photo of Poppy was taken by her Mom Marnie.
Photo below posted September 16, 2020. For your new Miniature Schnauzer puppy from Gambles Miniature Schnauzers. All of my clients go home with this generous 4.5 pound bag of Hills puppy food in with their puppy home coming bag.
More photos coming soon !
Daisy and Legend litter  born  August 28, 2020

Rose and Vlad litter born September 3, 2020

Aurora and Legend litter born September 4, 2020

Genna and Marty litter bornSeptember 10, 2020
Clients please note. From this point onward we are  
    no longer docking tails or removing dew claws.
     Our puppies will now have the European look.
  I belong to Sojin
I belong to Angel !
  I belong to Bruno
 I belong to Liz
 I belong to Jo Ann
   This black girl belongs to ?
I belong to Vishal
  I belong to Greg
 I belong to Amanda
I belong to Dave
  I belong to Hans
 I belong to Mike