Reg'd Miniature Schnauzers
January 30, 2014. Just received from our clients in Thunder Bay. Miniature Schnauzer pups Daisy and Duke are keeping warm with their new owners. Parents of these stunning black and silver pups are  Bella Porsche and Vince. We love to see how our pups and dogs are doing in their new homes. Looking forward to more good stuff ! Sandra

Some of the photos below on this page of my Miniature Schnauzer pups and their families have been taken by my clients and some have been taken by me in my home on puppy pick up day ! 
Enjoy your Miniature Schnauzer puppies everyone !
                      More to come !
We love what we do for you !  We are so happy to have made so many happy with a gorgeous Miniature Schnauzer puppy from us.  It brings us great joy to know we have done our best and this is reflected in all of those happy emails we get almost daily to let us know we have done a great job . We strive for 100%, but we are also happy with 99%. We are not for everyone, but maybe for you too !      Sandra
Gambles Reg'd
Miniature Schnauzers

We love our Tessa so much !
               Bentley and friend. 
Thanks for the happy email today !

Photo below. Miniature Schnauzer girl Millie with Joanne in Hong Kong.
Photo below.Miniature Schnauzer boy Oliver with Colin in Newfoundland.
Photo above. Penny and her family. Sandra in the centre holding Penny.
Hello everyone. The joy is contagious ! Enjoy the photos below of our clients with their new puppies . The photo creation just below by Sandra Gamble is for your enjoyment too !
Have a wonderful day ! From your favourite Miniature Schnauzer companion dog breeder in Niagara Falls, Ontario !