Visiting by advanced appointment only between the hours of 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm. for those with priority deposits in. Please be punctual as I space the appointments one hour apart so you can see everything you need to and we can have a nice relaxing visit to explain everything I have put together for you. If you come an hour late, our visit will be very short for obvious reasons and  you will not get our full presentation and not get to see everything you want to as my next punctual appointment will have arrived and be waiting. Puppies can be seen when they are 5 weeks old by persons with priority deposits in with us. If you do not have a deposit in with us, you will have to wait until the puppies are 8 weeks old and if we still have any available you may come over to see them. 
We will only sell one puppy per household per year , unless you can convince us you can handle the demands of two.
Your puppy must be picked up within 3 days of being ready to take home, otherwise a $30.00 a day boarding fee will apply until picked up and that will be added to your balance owing on pick up day.
We must meet with ALL PEOPLE  that will be involved with the puppy's care.
Your deposit will be applied to a specific litter only. Most times when puppies are about 5 weeks old you may come over to visit and select your puppy in priority sequence in the order in which we have received your deposit. conditions permitting. I do know of some other breeders that do not allow you to select from a litter. They do that for you and you must take what they give you.
All sales are subject to Veterinarian approval.
Deposits are non refundable.
The breeder will have first pick of any litter.
If you are selecting your puppy in priority sequence, understand there may be someone ahead of you to make their selection first. Also, your timely selection is important to the person to select after  you.
Please do not ask us to put foreign objects brought in from you with our puppies. With all the Parvo and Kennel Cough out there we can not risk bringing in potentially fatal infections into our puppy room.
A sale will not be considered to have been completed until we receive final payment on puppy pick up day and you take your new puppy home with you.
With our puppy's best interest in mind, if we feel a sale has become difficult,we reserve the right to cancel a sale at anytime without explaination and return a deposit minus our office expenses and other expenses incurred to ensure speedy delivery to you.
All information we give you is current for the time we speak with you by email or phone pertaining to the current litter we have at that time. Our breeding programs, puppy kits, pricing, and other information is subject to change due to some situations that are beyond our control.
We do not sell to breeders or brokers. Our pups are for pet homes only on a spay neuter contract you must sign.
We have given our pups the best possible start in life. It will now be up to you to continue.Puppies are very demanding of your time so you must be prepared for this. Little puppy teeth are very sharp and a puppy will use it's mouth as expression. You need to teach a puppy what is acceptable and what is not. You are starting with a clean slate and all training is now up to you. 
Please be kind to all animals and humans. Never hit your puppy. Use the tone of your voice only.
We are serious about our puppies and will be very selective on placement of our fur kids !
We will not be held responsible for any technical issues of any server on the internet or phone lines for the transmission of information,  failure of transmission of information, for any misinterpretation of information on the part of any individual, or the posting of misinformation by any individual on the internet. Our information we give you over the phone or email is current  at the time of communication only and is subject to change without notice as  some circumstances are beyond our control . 
Our winter puppies are trained to use the Puppy Pads for your convenience.
All of our puppies are micro chipped for identification according to Canadian Kennel Club protocal before your leave with your new pet.We do not charge an extra fee for this.
We set you up with free 6 weeks of PETS PLUS US HEALTH INSURANCE for your new best friend.This is absolutely free for 6 weeks, and then you have the option  of continuing with this one or another of your choice. We do our best to make sure you are off to a great start because we care !
All puppies you see here belong to us. They have been conceived, born and raised in our home and not a barn or kennel building. We do not buy litters to resell.  We can not risk bringing in disease to our pristine operation.
Our puppies are raised in our smoke free odor free home ! Parents are here in our home and available for you to see most times, unless our boys are out on a job. Our dogs may also be at the vet, at the groomer, visiting  the old age home, or Troy has taken them out for a ride at the time you are available to visit.
Reg'd Miniature Schnauzers
All puppies you see here were born in my master bedroom.
I do No Shipping . I do not deliver.
Your priority deposit will hold a puppy for you. We will not hold a pup without deposit.
 All puppies are sold to pet homes, non breeding, with a strict contract you must sign .
We only breed one breed.  The purebred CKC registered Miniature Schnauzer.
No third party transactions. We must speak to the actual person making the purchase .
To avoid disappointment , we must receive your deposit on a puppy in a timely fashion. For deposits not received, the sale will be considered abandoned and the puppy will be sold to the next approved buyer. We will not hold a puppy for you without deposit.  
If anyone in your household is allergic, we will not sell a puppy to you !
Pricing and deposit information will not be found here. You must call us for that information and your qualifying interview.905-357-1238
 As with all businesses, our premise is also under 24 hour audio and video surveillance .
We do not sell our puppies as gifts unbeknownst to the recipient.
Be sure you have checked with your building's land lord to see if you are allowed to keep a dog where you are living  BEFORE   you make a purchase.
Absolutely no visiting to our home for any reason when we have newborn pups.Visits to our home when puppies are 5 weeks old are limited to those with priority deposits in on a puppy .

 If you do not have a prior deposit in with us to reserve your place in priority sequence to view when they are 5 weeks old, and you do not wish to sent one because you are uncomfortable with that policy, we can respect how you feel and you will need to wait until the puppies are 8 weeks old to see them if we have any left. 
No deliveries half way.It is important for you to see where your puppy has been conceived, born, and raised. This is only possible when you come to our home to see everything for yourself first hand.
The best Miniature Schnauzers in Niagara !
Gambles Reg'd
Miniature Schnauzers

Policies on this page pertain to our litters and puppies born in my home and registered to me, Sandra Gamble. Breeders that have purchased dogs from our line for breeding will have the Gambles name appearing on the Sire and Dam of these dogs and should not be confused with us. THEY are responsible for how THEY conduct their business dealings with you and are not to be confused with me or my prestine operation. 
                       I am responsible for puppies you have bought from me IN MY HOME.
While I do my best to maintain a schedule, sometime things happen that are beyond my control. I realize that this will cause you to be upset and inconvenienced and I do apologize in advance. Unfortunately some situations are impossible to predict and I hope you will understand.
Very important. ! We avoid cross contamination of parasites, worms and diseases from other Miniature Schnauzer breeders hopping on to us by not studding our boys out, so please do not ask us to. Our boys are exclusive to our breeding program

For this reason also, we do not hang out at dog shows.    
                                 Our place is clean and we want to keep it that way. 
                 Photo left. March 7, 2019.
        The sole creator of Gambles Miniature   
     Schnauzers and this unique one of  a kind  
  Miniature Schnauzer web site, Sandra Gamble
Arrival times for you on puppy pick up day are also 12:00 noon, 1:00 pm. or 2:00 pm.               
No evening appointments  as I also work 120 hours a week.
 The only people permitted into our home are those with a deposit in. 
For my people with deposits in, when you come to our home on puppy pick up day, all of your cell phone devices must be left in a basket at the entrance.  I want your undivided attention for my presentation so you understand what I have done for you so you do not miss a thing. Nothing is more important than the information I will be telling to you for the hour you will be here !  
There shall be no distractions.
All information on my web site is subject to change without notice.
There is a shoes off policy in our house. Be prepared and bring your socks !
Types of payment we accept are E-TRANSFER and CASH.  If you would like to pay by E-TRANSFER on puppy pick up day this must be made THE DAY BEFORE.
We do not accept checks, debit cards, or credit cards.
Miniature Schnauzer graphic art above by Sandra Gamble 
              featuring Gambles Sweeter Than Honey
Photo below posted March 7, 2019. An example of my puppy home coming packages from the most recent litter. Your package may include more or less than what you see below, and some of the items may vary depending on what is available when you purchase your Miniature Schnauzer puppy from us. I have many of my blankets  for you to choose from when you are here to customize  your kit.  The puppy blankets have the scent of our home to help your puppy feel comfortable in your home.