Good day everyone and thank you for visiting our web pages.
We are proud members of the Canadian Kennel Club in good standing. Although we have been breeding and registering dogs for over 35 years,we decided to upgrade and apply for an official Kennel Name which was granted to us from our national all breed club, The Canadian Kennel Club, in 2006.
Gambles Reg'd. We are breeders of fine quality Miniature Schnauzers, Photographers, and professional all breed dog groomers  for over 35 years. We are devoted to our Miniature Schnauzers . This is the only race we breed so there are no accidental breedings for you to worry about assuring your puppy from us is pure. Our puppies are not born on a farm, in a barn, or in a kennel. We do not farm our adult dogs out to care homes . We need first hand knowledge of how our dogs are being cared for and this is only possible when they are here with us. All of our dogs are our pets kept in our immaculate home. Very clean, odor free and well maintained. Our clients tell us It brings great satisfaction to find that everything is as we portray it to be on our web site when they come to visit and see first hand our modest home based business. We keep our breeding program small  and manageable. A person could drop in any time of day and find everything in order. However,if you would like to visit we do need an appointment as we may be busy with a client's pet on the grooming table. 
Our quality breeding program is second to none. We only breed healthy young adults with nice lineage, and good temperaments. We are proud of the pretty dogs we produce to be your loyal loving companion. We breed as close as possible to the breed standard, and breed for the accepted size and recognized 3 colour which are salt and pepper, black and silver, and solid black. We do not cull the white puppies occuring from time to time in our litters . We let them live ! Why should we put down a healthy puppy because of colour?  No way !
​They are a gift from God.
Although we don't show our dogs, many of our puppies are quite showable. We find most people are interested in a great family pet, thus our program is geared more toward producing  such.​ However,many great show potentials have been sold to pet homes ! 
We never buy litters to resell. All dogs and puppies you see in our listings and web pages are our own. Dogs and puppies bred by us.We have bred 8 generations of Miniature Schnauzers !
All puppies are born in my master bedroom.  These darling sweet tender babies are handled daily in a gentle caring manner by mature adults only. This kind of care is so important to help create a puppy that wants to be with you. When they are a bit older we play with them all day, as we are always home tending to their every need and helping Mom out.
Our adult dogs receive the best of care. Groomed in the traditional Schnauzer look most of the time. In the winter we sometimes give all the dogs a short clip to prevent snow build up on the furnishings, and to prevent all that snow from being brought into the home. We are up to date on all vaccines and licensing required at this time.Teeth sparkling white with frequent dental attention. Yearly Veterinary inspections. We feed top quality food for top quality results.
We give our dogs strong and meaningful  registered names with the Gambles prefix. We believe these positve registered names are a reflection of us , creating more positve energy, and help our dogs to do well.
Puppies include;Canadian CKC registration in your chosen name for your puppy. (Prefix Gambles). Free 6 weeks of health insurance from Pets Plus Us. Micro chipped for identification and for the pet recovery program through the CKC.Tails docked to the correct length for the breed standards, all dew claws removed for safety reasons. A thorough examination(inc. interior health of the eye with the ophthalmoscope),first vaccine and deworming done by our personal  Veterinarian in our home. Health certificate issued from his practice is given to each of our new clients. First year health warranty pertaining to life threatening congenital defects which are terminal. For example, Liver Shunt.
We have an amazing puppy starter kit for you which has virtually everything you will need for your new friend. Toys, towel, blanket, food dish, food, grooming tools, etc.(Some of our kits may vary depending on what is available at the time of your purchase). In another attractive folder we have for you; professional grade photos of Mom, Dad, and litter.  Puppy sales contract and warranty, non breeding. 3 pages I have composed on feeding, house training,  acceptable toys and treats, grooming, and dangerous things to look out for inside and outside the home to keep your new pup safe.We are very careful to place our precious into appropriate homes. Sold to pet homes only on a strict non breeding contract you must sign.We do not sell to, brokers, pet stores, third parties of any kind, or anyone we feel will not have the puppy's best interest a top priority.
Sandra Gamble enjoys the creative aspect to our business having created this web site, Professional dog grooming, artistic expression through photography and graphics, gardening, and other creative products available for purchase. Looking forward to another fantastic year in 2019 and helping you with the perfect Miniature Schnauzer puppy for you !  
Photo above. Our puppy room. Master bedroom.
           Photo art creation above by Sandra Gamble 
      featuring 2 of Arabella and Studley's girl puppies.
                            "Pepper" and "Luna"
Miniature Schnauzer puppy photos by Sandra Gamble for your enjoyment.
                            I Just love these Miniature Schnauzers.
We are flattered that other breeders are trying to emulate us !
Two photos below. Our Schnauzer yard in the Spring and in Winter. I took the winter photo below on November 27, 2013, in the morning before I let my dogs out. This was the first snow of the season. So beautiful, calm, quiet, and perfect. 
We do our best for you !
Reg'd Miniature Schnauzers
Gambles Reg'd
Miniature Schnauzers

More info to come !  Sandra
Photo below. August 2, 2017. Our Miniature Schnauzer home.