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We are Canadian Kennel Club registered
Gambles Reg'd
 Miniature Schnauzers
Grooming and photo below by Sandra Gamble. 
           Head study of Vlad June 21, 2018
 His ears were already done when we got him.
       The Our Pets page is current for 2018.  This is my Miniature Schnauzer family and breeding program. Enjoy !                  All grooming done by me, Sandra Gamble
Photo below June 21, 2018. Grooming and photo of Vlad by me, Sandra Gamble. All of my dogs would look like this if I put this style on them. What your Schnauzer looks like depends on how you groom them.
More 2018 updates of our 
Miniature Schnauzer dogs 
          coming soon !
Photo below July 8, 2018. Head study of Joy right after I groomed her today.
Photo below July 8, 2018.  Our cute black and silver girl Gambles Joy With All Aces Up with a fresh groom I put on her this day.
Photo below July 9, 2018.  Ruby in maternity clip.  I like my girls in a short clip for the big event. Makes cleaning up after birth a lot easier.



2 Photos below. July 19, 2018.Just gave my sweet girl Rose a haircut today and took her photo just now. What a cute darling. So good up on the grooming table too !
Check back often. 
Photo below. July 22, 2018. Gambles Amori Marti with his clip I put on him today.  Stella is his Mom too ! Photos of his 2 brothers are on the Home page.
More to come !
Photo below. July 29, 2018. The 3 puppies I kept from the litters I had born in January 2018. Sabina is a Joy and Studley girl pup in black and silver. Dahlia and Daisy are out of  Ruby and Vlad. They are salt and pepper. All in a short clean look for the summer months.
We love what we do for you !
We are leaving our ears natural. This is the look I strive for. Cute and fun loving.
What your miniature Schnauzer puppy looks like depents on how you choose to clipper them.
                                     Photo below. February 3, 2020. 
                A winter photo featuring Legend and Rose in the yard.
 Legend has a fresh groom . Very friendly. He has wonderful conformation.                     His sire has an all black Champion pedigree from Europe.
Photo below. March 1, 2020. Legend.