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 Miniature Schnauzers

Photo Below.  A stunning black and silver Miniature Schnauzer boy from the Gambles line.  This photo was sent to us from our clients sporting a lovely clip and groomed to perfection. 
Gambles Reg'd
January 23, 2015
Photo  and letter  below just received today from our client Antionette.  

Good day Sandra ! Happy 2015 !
Shelby is six years old ( human age) now and active as ever ! Here he is doing an obstacle course ! 
What a smart boy ! 

Hello Sandra!
I wanted to send you a pic of our beautiful girl Casey, she is just about to turn 4, hard to believe she is already 4! She is such a character, we love her even more now if that's possible. She is such a smart dog. We have moved to British Columbia, my husband retired finally and we built a home here south of Chilliwack. Our other girl Ruby and Casey have enjoyed the winter, we did not see a flake of snow here. So many off leash parks that they love going to and making new doggie friends! It's awesome. It's been a good way for my husband and I to meet new people here who share a love for their dogs happiness to!
All the best,

April 7, 2015. Photo below of Miniature Schnauzer girl Casey just received from our very good clients in British Columbia !
Letter below.
Photo left. I just love this photo so much ! This is Kate and Abigal  from London, Ontario. Milo's new home too ( below). Although this puppy was born at another breeder she looks a lot like our's. I wanted to share this photo with you as it make me feel happy. Thank you to Milo's people for sharing your Miniature Schnauzer girl's photo with us so others viewing  can enjoy it as much as I do !       Sandra
Photo right. May 24, 2015. Just received from our clients in Brampton. This is Zoe and Erin. Zoe was out of Gambles Liberty Bell, by Gambles Registered Landmark Status. A stunning black and silver Miniature Schnauzer girl now 2 years old.

Erin's Mom writes;
Hi Sandra,

  Just wanted to update you on Zoe. She's an amazing dog who we get compliments on every time we are out for walk. She's very smart, loving, loyal and protective of our family. I've attached a photo of her with my daughter, Erin.

" Striving for perfection of our black and silvers one paw at a time".
June 14, 2015 letter below just received about a wonderful black and silver Miniature Schnauzer boy Milo from the Gamble's line. Full brother to Teigan above and just as lovely ! Out of our Hope and Champ too !
Milo above at his graduation !
Gambles Miniature Schnauzers
are highly trainable. Share your happy stories and photos with us.
June 21, 2015 photo creation below just received from Ann in Thunder Bay. This is black and silver Miniature Schnauzer boy "Duke" so cute resting in his green agility tube  !  Ann has 2 pets from us ! Duke and Daisy !

Ann writes ; 
Hello from Thunder Bay!
I just wanted to touch base and let you know that Duke and Daisy are doing great!!! I've attached a few photos :) Daisy is amazing at agility and loves her frisbees and balls while Duker loves the birds, flowers and bugs! Haha 
Falling deeper in love every single day :)
Talk to you soon.  Ann

August 10, 2015. Very exciting update below  from Miniature Schnauzer boy "Buddy" and owners Ron and Lynne in Grimsby, Ontario. We think this is really something ! WOW ! Buddy is out of Gambles Bella Porsche, by Gambles Betting On Vince To Win Place Or Show. A very fine ltter ! Letters and photos like these, put a smile in everyone's heart.

  Ron writes;
Sandra, This is Buddy, from the Bella Porsche litter of October 15, 2013. He has spent much of his life on our sailboat traveling to Florida and the Bahamas. This summer, he has enjoyed riding in his 'Buddy Rider' all around town (Grimsby) and gets attention from everyone who sees him! It really is called Buddy Rider, a Canadian invention.
Ron and Lynne 

    August 28, 2015 photo below. From our most recent litter for August 2015. An ever so darling salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer girl puppy from the Gambles line. 
                                Sired by Gamble Found Gold In A Silver Mine. ( Kismet). 
                                                        Bred by Sandra Gamble.
                                            Photographic artist, Sandra Gamble
Photo above. Black and silver boy Buddy on the big boat. He Has spent most of the summer here !
Hi Sandra

Thought I would send you a pic of Fritz at 2 1/2 years old. He has turned out to be the best of all 4 schnauzers that we have had over the years. He is smart and loving. It took no time at all to train him. He has us laughing from morning till night. He has gotten us threw a couple of very long winters. To date, he is healthy and maintains a good weight.
Everyone that visits us, falls in love with him. He has so many expressions! He has a nice big yard to run around in and tries to make friends with the little bunnies that visit him every day.
Thank you for being such a wonderful and caring breeder.

August 20, 2015. Letter and photo just received from Pat in St. Catharines. Fritz is out of Gambles Bella Porsche, by Gambles Betting On Vince To Win Place Or Show.Full brother to Buddy above and half brother to our Kismet too !

( As seen on Dragon's Den )
September 2, 2015 update. Excessive heat alert for Niagara today ! 
                      Please be careful with your puppies and dogs.
Milo is doing well! He was neutered in May and went through that like a champ! It was hard to keep him quiet. He is a little kangaroo, jumping bouncing and bobbing all the time. He runs and pounces on toys like he is catching them for the first time. He is pretty good at fetch and brings things right back for the first five or so throws. When he starts to get tired, he sits and nibbles for a while, and then the whole game starts over again.

He loves his walks and knows as soon as he hears 'do you want to go ...' that it's on a walk. Then, he runs and grabs his leash and goes to the front door. We live where there are lovely paths through a pond and some forested areas, and he loves exploring everything new. He chases geese everyday, intently watches the beaver in the pond, barks at the birds that fly close to him when he gets close to their new babies and nest, growls at the croaking frogs at night and makes every walk a great adventure. 

He is such a joy in our lives and makes each and every day complete. I will send some up to date pics to you soon! Take good care Sandra!


Photo above and below posted August 28, 2015. More of Sandra Gamble's Miniature Schnauzer art featuring dogs and puppies bred by Gambles Miniature Schnauzers in our home.
Sit and watch a puppy for an afternoon. In that  
   short time, you will discover the joys of life.
  Hi Sandra
Here she is, almost full grown I think. She is beautiful with all the grace and good lines of her parents. We recently completed the bronze set of classes at Cassandra's Canines in Caledonia and are going on with the silver set. Teigan is lively and eager to learn but most definitely has a mind of her own. So much personality in a small dog! We are thoroughly enjoying her and 
looking forward to a lot of years with her. Thanks Sandra! Great job, great dog. Betty.

This gorgeous black and silver Miniature Schnauzer girl is out of  our "Hope" and "Champ".
This wonderful and ever so lovely  photo was taken by our client Betty in Cayuga, Ontario. Betty's dog always looks great as she clips  her own pet and is an expert groomer.Sandra
August 28, 2015 photo above. Miniature Schnauzer puppy art creation by Sandra Gamble for all to enjoy. Featuring a black and silver puppy out of our most recent ltter. The pumpkins I have just picked from my garden and Miniature Schnauzer puppy is sitting on one of my puppy blankets. Everyone gets one of these for their puppy too.  Enjoy Fall !
Photo below. Tien and Lucky !

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