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     Dogs are such agreeable friends..........they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.....................George Eliot
February 1, 2014. Meet Stella. A sweet black and silver Miniature Schnauzer girl out of Gambles Daisy May Daniels by Gambles Bo Daniels. Grand parents are Gambles Cameo Show Stopper, Gambles Casino Artie, Gambles Flashy Cameo Shelby, and Gambles Betting On Vince To Win Place Or Show. We just love these black and silvers. Welcome home darling girl.
January 4, 2014. Photo below just received  from Tulin. Gorgeous Miniature Schnauzer boys from the Gambles line. Black and silver boy from one of our associates, and salt and pepper boy born right in my master bedroom.These boys are much loved and so well cared for. Impeccable grooming ! Give your pets and big hug and many kisses from me ! Sandra
June 10, 2014 photo updated below.   A collage of 3 Miniature Schnauzer photos of Mozart. Baby Mozart when he was just born taken by Sandra Gamble,  Mozart at 3 months with his first clip, and Mozart with his favourite toy,sent to us from our clients in Burlington , Ontario. He is a very special boy full of energy and he makes us laugh. Thanks for sharing your photos and letters with us !  Sired by Gambles Betting On Vince To Win Place Or Show. Out of Gambles Sweeter Than Honey. Hi Al ! Thank you for all of those nice compliments about your boy from us !Thank you for giving our pup a great home with care , understanding and good training. Sandra
Febrruary 18, 2014 Photo left. Just received from our clients in North York, Ontario. Black and silver Miniature Schnauzer boy Bowser just woke up from a nap in his fluffy bed for this photo by his parents. He looks very comfortable  and right at home with his new family.
Photo left. A stunning black and silver boy from the Gambles Reg'd Miniature Schnauzers line. Perfect makings. Photo and grooming by Sandra Gamble. Enjoy !
My Mom is Gambles Flashy Cameo Shelby !
Photo below just received from our clients in Welland Ontario. This black Miniature Schnauzer girl is full sister to Gambles Black Jack.
                                       Read my story below.
Photo below. A black and silver Miniature Schnauzer girl "Casey."
                                           Groomed to perfection !
Dear Sandra
It is with great sadness that I am writing to tell you of the passing of Licorice. 
She was the sister to your Gambles Black Jack and was the most beautiful 
black Miniature Schnauzer we have ever seen. We now understand the depth of loss as she was the sweetest blend of strength, intelligence, beauty and spunk.We adopted her in the spring of 2001 to our extended family after finding out we could not have any more children. In the early stages of puppy training we realized she knew she had the upper hand.We quickly figured this out together as a family.She became obedient once we learned just how intelligent and intuitive she was.Our now 19 year old daughter refers to her as the sister she had for 13 years. She was so much fun with an affectionate and strong personality. While we too believe that God brought us this beautiful gift, we are absolutely grateful to you for having the skill and wisdom to breed, and the heart and commitment to give them the best start in your warm home. You are both talented and meticulous at your work and we are thankful you continue to share your passion Sandra ! We would love to be on the special list for a puppy and would never consider adopting from another Miniature Schnauzer breeder as you are the best !  We look forward to hearing from you. 
Warm regards, 
Caroline, Terry, and Katrina
Welland , Ontario
 Miniature Schnauzers
Gambles Reg'd
A dog never dies. He always stays and walks beside you on crisp autumn days and in the mist of new spring mornings. His head is within your hand in his old way and always.
Photo below March 15, 2014. Just received from our clients in Bowmanville, Ontario. This is Miniature Schnauzer boy "Tripper" relaxing in the patio enclosure with his blankets. Happy 6th. Birthday Tripper from your Mom, Gambles Show Time Shona and Gambles Reg'd Miniature Schnauzers. Quoted  from Collen and Jeff 's letter today,"The best dog in the world ! "   Hi Colleen. Thanks for sharing ! I remember how he got his name too ! Sandra
People first domesticated dogs more than 50, 000 years ago.
             Gambles Miniature Schnauzers are highly trainable ! 
Tell us what your new puppy can do too ! I will post it right here for you !
March 29, 2014 . Photo right. Wow ! Just look at these pups ! Photo just received from our good clients in Thunder Bay. Duke and Daisy with their first grooming ! From the Vince and Bella Porsche Christmas litter.
Hi Sandra
My little ones were groomed today and I just wanted to share the delightful surprise we got!
They are both beautifully colored, but Duke surprised us the most :) I attached a pic of Dukes back. I think your Vince passed it on to his babies. 
My new groomer was so very inquisitive about where they came from. She said their markings were fantastic.
We're getting ready for the big spay and neuter next Sunday. I'm anxious but am sure everything will go smooth. This Wednesday Duker will graduate from his beginner class at Petsmart but his instructor told me he's well beyond the intermediate level. He's such a smart little guy. We're enrolling Daisy next. 

Our clients in Thunder Bay say this amazing Miniature Schnauzer "Duke" below, has figured out how to open a lever on a door so he can enter another room !     
      A Miniature Schnauzer dog's ears and hearing are so good that they probably rely more on hearing than on sight to get around.
An interesting fact. Did you know  the Canary Islands are not named after a bird.Theat are really named after a breed of large dogs. The name comes from Latin Canariae insulae  which means island of dogs.
Until one has loved a dog, a part of one's soul remains unawaken.............Anatole France
This Miniature Schnauzer web site is the sole creation of Sandra Gamble and is dedicated to all of the Miniature Schnauzer enthusiasts in the world to bring pleasure and enlightenment  to all that view us.  Thank you.
The oldest dog on record is an Australian Cattle dog named Bluey.      He lived for 29 years--------From 1910 to 1039 !
April 23, 2014. Family portrait photo below just received from our very good clients in St. Thomas, Ontario.  Black and silver Miniature Schnauzer boy Gambles Bandit is on the far left with his Standard Schnauzer family all in their new Spring clips .They all look so wonderful ! Thank you for sharing your great photo with us for our home page !
Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails............Max Eastman
       This Miniature Schnauzer breeder in Ontario 
          web site is current for Summer of  2014.
Photo below. Miniature Schnauzers from the Gambles Line.Jack and Pepper are now 7 years old ! Freshly groomed and we love the orange flower on Pepper ! 
Thank you Neil and Doris for sharing your photo of your sweet pets with us today !
We are calling on all of our Miniature Schnauzer puppy clients ! We would like to see a recent digital photo of your pet freshly groomed ! The nice ones will be posted right here with your permission. Our family of Miniature Schnauzers would like to see more of their  wonderful extended puppy families soon ! 
                   Send your  email photos to
Hi Sandra, 
Just wanted to update you on Leela. We got her a little sister Jovie about 7 weeks ago and they LOVE playing together. It was such a great idea to get a second one. We love them so much. Leela has turned into the biggest snuggler ever. Funny as she didn't snuggle at all as a pup. Now she can't get enough. She actually pushes me over witb her head so she snuggle into my neck. 
She's just about learnt to play dead. I will send a video when I have mastered it! I am about to start with some agility training as I think she'd be great for it. Thanks for connecting us with the best dog ever!
Shona and Steve

Photo and letter below received May 8, 2014 from our good clients in Barrie, Ontario
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Photo below. These two gorgeous boys are Dexter and Petrie from the Gambles Reg'd Miniature Schnauzer line.
Located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

We are a Canadian Kennel Club registered breeder.
Photo below
I am Russel !

June 10, 2014.Mozart and his favourite toy.