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 Miniature Schnauzers

Photo Below.  A stunning black and silver Miniature Schnauzer boy from the Gambles line.  This photo was sent to us from our clients sporting a lovely clip and groomed to perfection. 
Gambles Reg'd
Hello Sandra!
I wanted to send you a pic of our beautiful girl Casey, she is just about to turn 4, hard to believe she is already 4! She is such a character, we love her even more now if that's possible. She is such a smart dog. We have moved to British Columbia, my husband retired finally and we built a home here south of Chilliwack. Our other girl Ruby and Casey have enjoyed the winter, we did not see a flake of snow here. So many off leash parks that they love going to and making new doggie friends! It's awesome. It's been a good way for my husband and I to meet new people here who share a love for their dogs happiness to!
All the best,

April 7, 2015. Photo below of Miniature Schnauzer girl Casey just received from our very good clients in British Columbia !
Letter below.
Photo below. I just love this photo so much ! This is Kate and Abigal  from London, Ontario. Milo's new home too ( below). Although this puppy was born at another breeder she looks a lot like our's. I wanted to share this photo with you as it make me feel happy. Thank you to Milo's people for sharing your Miniature Schnauzer girl's photo with us so others viewing  can enjoy it as much as I do !       Sandra
Photo right. May 24, 2015. Just received from our clients in Brampton. This is Zoe and Erin. Zoe was out of Gambles Liberty Bell, by Gambles Registered Landmark Status. A stunning black and silver Miniature Schnauzer girl now 2 years old.

Erin's Mom writes;
Hi Sandra,

  Just wanted to update you on Zoe. She's an amazing dog who we get compliments on every time we are out for walk. She's very smart, loving, loyal and protective of our family. I've attached a photo of her with my daughter, Erin.

" Striving for perfection of our black and silvers one paw at a time".
Gambles Miniature Schnauzers
are highly trainable. Share your happy stories and photos with us.
August 10, 2015. Very exciting update below  from Miniature Schnauzer boy "Buddy" and owners Ron and Lynne in Grimsby, Ontario. We think this is really something ! WOW ! Buddy is out of Gambles Bella Porsche, by Gambles Betting On Vince To Win Place Or Show. A very fine ltter ! Letters and photos like these, put a smile in everyone's heart.

  Ron writes;
Sandra, This is Buddy, from the Bella Porsche litter of October 15, 2013. He has spent much of his life on our sailboat traveling to Florida and the Bahamas. This summer, he has enjoyed riding in his 'Buddy Rider' all around town (Grimsby) and gets attention from everyone who sees him! It really is called Buddy Rider, a Canadian invention.
Ron and Lynne 

Photo above. Black and silver boy Buddy on the big boat. He Has spent most of the summer here !
Hi Sandra

Thought I would send you a pic of Fritz at 2 1/2 years old. He has turned out to be the best of all 4 schnauzers that we have had over the years. He is smart and loving. It took no time at all to train him. He has us laughing from morning till night. He has gotten us threw a couple of very long winters. To date, he is healthy and maintains a good weight.
Everyone that visits us, falls in love with him. He has so many expressions! He has a nice big yard to run around in and tries to make friends with the little bunnies that visit him every day.
Thank you for being such a wonderful and caring breeder.

August 20, 2015. Letter and photo just received from Pat in St. Catharines. Fritz is out of Gambles Bella Porsche, by Gambles Betting On Vince To Win Place Or Show.Full brother to Buddy above and half brother to our Kismet too !

( As seen on Dragon's Den )
Sit and watch a puppy for an afternoon. In that  
   short time, you will discover the joys of life.
Photo below. Tien and Lucky !
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 We are Gambles Reg'd Miniature Schnauzers. Located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canda.Top breeder of Canadian born, Canadian CKC registered  Companion Miniature Schnauzer puppies in black and silver, salt and pepper, (and sometimes white). Chances are you have seen our Miniature Schnauzer dogs and puppies in your home town too ! We love what we do for you ! We have made so many people happy with a Miniature Schnauzer puppy from us !
Welcome to my 2015 Miniature Schnauzer Holiday site now in progress
January 23, 2015
Photo  and letter  below just received today from our client Antionette.  

Good day Sandra ! Happy 2015 !
Shelby is six years old ( human age) now and active as ever ! Here he is doing an obstacle course ! 
What a smart boy ! 

Hi Sandra, just wanted to let you know Issie is doing good. Loves playing with Lucy. This is a picture of Issie playing in the yard. We just love watching her grow she is such a joy. 
Thank you
Denise & Rick

September 10, 2015 photo and letter just received from our clients in St Catherines, Ontario. This cute salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer girl is from our most recent litter sold. This puppy is out of our Hope and Kismet and  beautifully composed by our client.
October 15, 2015 photo below.  Wow Ann ! This is such a beautiful photo you took of your Duke and Daisy from the Gambles line. These gorgeous 2 Miniature Schnauzers now living in Thunder Bay have just turned 2 years old ! Happy Birthday ! Thanks for sharing this very special photo with us. Well done !
October 2015 photo below. Another wonderful photo from our clients in Burlington. Lacey is a stunning black and silver girl from the Gambles line born January 14, 2013. Almost 3 now. We get so excited here when we get great photos from our clients. We can see how well they are cared for and what beautiful adults they have become.
Join our ever growing kindred family of Gambles Miniature Schnauzers with a puppy from the Gambles Line ! Call us anytime and I will be happy to speak with you about our ever so popular black and silver puppies. 
                     CKC registered and microchipped for the protection of the breed 
                                        promoting responsible ownership in Canada.
October 22, 2015 Photo below. A black and silver boy puppy,Gambles Samson De Jesus with his buddy. Samson is out of the Stella and Kismet litter of this summer. Samson is a very smart little pup and he knows how to swim in the pool ! Samson enjoys many new and fun activities with his new family. Photo is by Samson's mom in Mississauga, Ontario.  Thank you for sharing the fun with us ! Sandra

Hi Sandra,
It's been a long while and I think of you often. We just celebrated Milos first birthday so I thought I would send a short note and Milo update. Our boy has grown, he's over 20 lbs of male energy. We have a great routine, he loves his walks and has found a friend named Koby who lives right behind us. Koby is two, a mixed breed, part schnauzer and they love to run and play. Milo is all about play. He has a lot of toys that he pulls out everyday and scatters all over the house. At night, I pick them all up and put them in his basket. Its just just like picking up after kids, although kids can help. :)
He still loves to chase the cat. He just can't leave her alone, so regardless where she is, Milo finds her. Poor Kiki, I know she would love to be his friend, maybe when he is older and a little less energetic. He loves when you scratch his face and rub his ears and will paw your hand when you stop paying attention to him. He really likes to be the centre of attention. 
Milo is Chris' best buddy. The two of them are always together, watching football, walking, running, driving, playing or chasing the cat. Milo is still crated. He sleeps in his crate, and stays in it if we are gone for any length of time during the day. He really is a spoiled puppy, as Chris and I have adjusted our schedules so the only day he is on his own is part of the day Tuesday. He loves his crate, and runs in it at night time. He has your blanket, and two other blankets as he loves a messy bed. He walks round and round in order to get his blankets just right. Funny boy!
You have no idea the joy he has brought to our family. There is no better welcome than seeing him come running to the door when Chris or I get home. You would think he hasn't seen us for days! He makes such a fuss and I love it. He is a very smart dog, he understands and is easily corrected. He still does a lot of barking when someone is at the door. I don't mind him barking but he needs to know when enough is enough. I have had many people tell us we should show him. He stands with his nose up and hind legs back and looks so handsome. He loves to hold his nose to the wind and will stand there for a long time, wind whistling through his beard.
Milo also loves to watch tv. He knows every show that has a dog, and if a commercial comes on with a dog, he is on the chair beside the tv and watches every minute. Often he growls so the tv dog knows he's right there. I have to laugh.
Needless to say, we love our Milo and can't imagine what we did without him as part of our family. He makes every day a new adventure, full of laughs, joy and endless surprises. One day I will find all the socks he has pulled from the dryer!
Take good care. I will watch for your next round of puppies. 
Cathy, Chris & Milo
November 3, 2015. Photo and long letter below just received from Milo's family in London , Ontario. Milo is a black and silver Miniature Schnauzer boy and just had his birthday October 31st. Milo's parents are Hope and Champ ! View them on the " Our Pets" page. Thank you Cathy for this wonderful photo of your pet and your lovely letter below with stories of Milo ! 
November 3, 2015
Hi Sandra,

I'm just back from the groomer with my handsome boy, Angus. Here he is at 5 months old. He looks great and was a good boy at the groomer's. He is out of the litter of Hope and Kismet born June 19th.
Angus is going to Levels now and is a smart boy. We are working on recall! He doesn't like to do that so much when he is outside.
You are sure going to be busy with your new babies. I will check everyday to see how they are doing.

Best Wishes,

November 10, 2015.  Letter and photo below just received from our very good clients in Guelph, Ontario. This is Angus. A black and silver Miniature Schnauzer boy out of the Hope and Kismet litter this summer of 2015. He was just freshly groomed this day and is stunning ! The baby puppy photo just below is Angus when he was just a few days old taken by Sandra ! The adult Angus photo was taken by Susan.

                                       Thank you for sharing with us ! Sandra
    Send us your 2015 Miniature Schnauzer Holiday photos to be posted right here on this page for you !
November 22, 2015. Thank you Susan for sharing your photo today. " Angus" just got back from a hard day at play and is now having a puppy dream !
November 22, 2015 . Photo above. Duke and Daisy in Thunder Bay have new matching sweaters and are ready for the Holidays !
November 22, 2015. Photo below. A lovely portrait of this Miniature Schnauzer and his owner. Beautiful Harley is a very light salt and pepper boy from one of my older lines.
Hi Sandra, 
I love to visit your site and see all the beautiful schnauzers. It always warms my heart to see these beautiful dogs. Tripper is still the greatest gift in our lives, sharing your life with one of these magnificent dogs is one of the greatest gifts. We enjoyed another great summer relaxing and playing Tripper games.  
I have attached 2 of my favorite pictures. In the one you can see him thinking - if I think hard enough the ball should move. He is still very active and wants to be a part of everything. Everyone always compliments his gun smoke grey color. And I always proudly say he takes after his grandfather.  
Have a very Merry Christmas, it sounds like you will be busy with a house full of beautiful puppies. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the holidays.  
Colleen, Jeff and Tripper 
November 22, 2015. Photo below and letter right. This is Tripper. You know how he got his name ?  From a Beatles song on the radio on the way home .Can you guess which one ?