Miniature Schnauzers
Gambles Reg'd
" Striving for perfection of our black and silvers one paw at a time".
January 18, 2017. Photo below. Wow ! Look at me ! I am Fritz ! I am stunning with my new hair do ! Thank you Lillian for taking good care of me in London, Ontario. This black and silver Miniature Schnauzer boy " Fritz" is from the most recent Stella and Kismet litter.

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September 19, 2016. Photos right and below just sent in to us today from New Brunswick. Oscar is enjoying a boat ride.  It was the girls first day at school and could not wait to get home to their Miniature Schnauzer boy 
" Oscar ". Thank you Sheri for all of the great updates and photos you have sent to us from the day you brought " Oscar " home to be a loving part of your family. We all enjoy knowing he is so well taken care of and having so much fun ! Your photos are fantastic !     Sandra
October 10, 2016 photo and testimonial below. Thank you Susan for your great photo of Angus and testimonial !  Thanks for sharing ! Angus is from the Hope and Kismet litter in 2015. So cute !
Hi Sandra,

This is Susan  from Guelph writing to give you an update on Angus.  Angus' parents are Hope and Kismet and he was born June 19th 2015.

I hope you are doing well.  I check your page just about every day and enjoy watching all the puppies grow over the eight weeks before they go to their forever homes.  It makes me want another puppy!

We are having lots of fun with Angus.  He is a friendly little dog with people and he is smart.  He follows me everywhere in the house.  I take him to dog training 3 or 4 times a week and he is working on Level 3.  His favourite activities are chasing the birds, chipmunks and squirrels and he is quite the little hunter.  So far this year, he has caught two baby rabbits, a mouse and a chipmunk.  He has his favourite holes in the back yard and he checks them regularly.  When he is not doing that he likes to go for walks, play tug and chase balls.  

I'm just curious if any of your other dogs like to hunt.  My other schnauzers would chase squirrels but they never caught anything.

Angus really enjoys the cottage and being in the country.  He doesn't like to swim but will paddle in the lake.  I had a schnauzer once that just loved swimming and would dive off the dock to get in the water with me.

I am enclosing a picture of him (attached).  What surprised me is that he was born all black except for a patch of silver on his front paw.  Over time, he has become just like your other black and silver dogs except maybe his face has a little more black.  Everybody thinks he is so handsome.

Thank you for raising such beautiful dogs with love and care.  It is a bit of a risk when you buy something over the Internet without seeing what you are getting in real life especially with so many scams going on.  However, nobody needs to worry buying a puppy from you as 'what you see, is what you get'. 

Angus says 'Hi'.  Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Best Wishes,

    Thank you to my clients in Hong Kong, New York, Kentucky, Buffalo ,New York, Youngstown, Mississauga, Kitchener,Thorold,Sault Ste. Marie, Brantford, Windsor,Toronto, Beamsville, Belleville, Oakville, Barrie, New Market, Ottawa, St.Catharines, Dundas, Gloucester, Thornhill, Aurora, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Burlington, Simcoe, Guelph, Hamilton, Brampton, St. Anns, Richmond Hill, Jordan, Sudbury, Embro, Milton, New Maryland, Markham, Welland, Bowmanville, Innisfil, Corner Brook, Oshawa, Scarborough, Acton, Grimsby, Stratford, North York, Etobicoke, Woodbridge, Fort Erie, Perth, Waterdown, Hamilton, North Bay, Thunder Bay, North Bay,Stouffville, Merrickville,Brampton, Whitby, Ajax, St Thomas, Port Colborne, Waterloo, Innisfil, Pickering, Caledonia, Kanata, Goderich, Paris, Kingston, Vaughn, Milton, Wellesley, Sarnia, and Niagara Falls, for your decision to buy your companion Miniature  Schnauzer puppy from us ! 
 We just love these Miniature Schnauzers    

A Thanksgiving weekend testimonial for Monday October 10, 2016
Me as a newborn puppy ! Sandra was right when she said I will also be very bright when I grow up !
Photo left October 25, 2016. A pampered pet for sure in Alberta ! Look at Cosmo in his big shoe bed ! He loves it ! Cosmo also has custom  blue ceramic food and water dishes with his name on them. Lots of toys too in his toy box that he also sleeps in !  Thank you Jennifer for one of the nicest updates we have ever received !  Cosmo is from the Hope and Kismet litter and is full brother to Oscar in New Brunswick also featured below on our home page.
November 1, 2016 photo below. Wow ! Look at beautiful Sophie. This ever so lovely white Miniature Schnauzers girl is sporting a blue jacket and is ready for the season. Thank you Conrad and Adam for this endearing photo of your pet.  Out of Gambles Joy With All Aces Up. Full sister to all white Miniature Schnauzer girl Katie in Burlington. Beautiful girls !
November 18, 2016.  2 photos below from Calgary Alberta. Wihelmina as an 8 week old pup, and wow ! Look at me now ! What a beauty ! Out of the Arabella and Champ litter  born November 9, 2015. Happy Birthday  to a special girl !  Full sister to Candy in Niagara Falls. Thank you Jacquelyn for the great photos !
           Photo below November 19, 2016.  
     Just received from our clients in Cuba ! 
What a lovely group photo of your family and your 2 darling Miniature Schnauzers from the Gambles line, Joey and Dolly ! Happy Holiday !
December 9, 2016. Photo below right. A wonderful seasonal photo of Finn in Thunder Bay. A black and silver boy out of our Poppy and Kismet !Thank you to Finn's parents for your update ! Finn is full brother to Gambles Bella Noella . (Below right ) Happy Birthday to our wonderful Schnauzers born  last Christmas eve!
     Holiday greetings from Tesla !

             Tesla's family writes;
Photo below. December 28, 2016. Our featured Miniature Schnauzer boy for today is this cute " Harley"  below. He just can't wait to open his gift ! What a darling ! We love your face !
Photo below. January 13, 2017. Thank you Jennifer for this wonderful photo. Miniature Schnauzer brothers in Thunder Bay. Jasper and Cosmo. "Love you bro."

Photo below posted January 13, 2017. Cute Cosmo ! Photo was taken just before he embarked from Alberta on his Holiday tour !
  We made so many new friends through our Miniature Schnauzer breeding programs !Stunning vividly marked black and silver Miniature Schnauzer companion puppies for you. We are so thrilled knowing we have completed so many families with a wonderful Miniature Schnauzer from us. It puts a smile in my heart when I receive so many lovely photos and letters from my clients, some of which I have posted on this page. I am happy knowing I have done a complete job exceptionally well and so many have put their trust in my breeding program.  Our membership affiliation is with the Canadian Kennel Club incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act Of Canada. Our puppies are CKC registered and micro chipped for the protection of the breed promoting responsible ownership, safe and swift return to you if your pet is ever lost. Please remember if you ever find a lost pet, do the right thing and call your local Humane Society immediately !

Photo below January 8, 2017. Our featured photo for January 2017 ! What a great shot Karrie ! Thank you for sharing your photo today of black and silver Miniature Schnauzer girl " Isla".  What a sweet pup ! Keeping warm on this Winter day in her favourite spot ! Love this ! Isla was born January 20, 2016 out of Hope and Kismet.  She is full sister to Oscar, Winston, Chloe, and Mika. Your Great Auntie is featured in the Valentine art above. Happy Birthday darlings  from the number one CKC registered Miniature Schnauzer breeder in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
Photo below. January 20, 2017. Happy Birthday Isla ! Looking so cute with her fresh groom and a toy from her breeder ! Love you !
Photo below. January 29, 2017. Another great photo of Isla by Karrie ! This is so great ! You made my day !   Sandra
  Current for April 28,2017. To all our Miniature Schnauzer fans ! We do this all for you !
Photo left.  February 25, 2017. We have a very smart puppy from the last Hope and Kismet litter ! This is "Dante" now living in Barrie on his graduation day ! He looks just like his mom " Hope". Thank you Lisa for taking very good care of our special boy.
This page is very long with lots to see of our grown up Miniature Schnauzer family. 
                                          Stay a while and enjoy ! Sandra
March 8, 2017. Photo below. I am Sam. Sporting a new hair do and new collar. We love your name tag "Sam".
Photo above. April 1, 2017. Beautiful Tetta at the cottage. Thank you Margrit for this wonderful photo.  Tetta lives in Bowmanville, Ontario. She will be 2 in June. Her parents are Hope and Kismet. I would say she looks like her Mom.
April 11, 2017. Photo right.  Another great photo from Sheri. Oscar is relaxing by the fire. One of his favourite things to do in addition to spending time with his family.
April 16, 2017 . Photo left. Beautiful Ava on Easter Sunday ! What a nice surprise to receive this cute photo from Jodie today ! Eva is a white Miniature Schnauzer girl  now 5 years old. All dressed up for the Holiday ! Such a sweet girl !
April 16, 2017. Photo below. Ann and Duke from Thunder Bay. Thank you for sharing your great photo with us on this Easter Sunday !  
Photo above. Angus with his new photo and clip by his groomer !
Photo below. April 16, 2017. Duke and Daisy pause from their playtime to pose for this great photo ! Sporting their new clips for Easter Sunday ! Gorgeous black and silvers are well loved in Thunder Bay ! Just look at these cute faces ! Another great photo from Ann.
Photo below. April 19, 2017. Gambles Good Morning Starshine. Thank you to our good friends at St Patrick's Church in St. Catharines, Ontario.  A special thank you to Rev. Father Christopher Gillen for taking such good care of one to dear to our heart.  Well love you "Starshine".
Photo right. April 19, 2017. Gambles Good Morning Starshine posing for another great photo from Rev. Father Chistopher Gillen. Here she is in the church by the fountain and lovely flowers. She is a natural. Come to St. Patrick's Church in St. Catharines for Mass and to see this lovely girl . Starshine is a black and silver Miniature Schnauzer now 11 years old !
                                        Photo below April 28, 2017. 
Even more Miniature Schnauzer photos and graphics by Sandra Gamble. 
                                                         Enjoy !
Photo above. April 25, 2017.  We just received another lovely photo by Sheri ! "Oscar just loves his cuddles". Oscar's Dad is our Kismet !  The sire of many of our current puppies.Thank you for sharing this great shot today. We love getting letters and great photos from our clients ! It puts a smile in my heart. Sandra