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 Miniature Schnauzers
Photo left. September 4, 2018. black and silver Miniature Schnauzer girl Sophrosyne having a nap on her plane ride to Newfoundland.   Thank you David for sharing your photo with us to show how the pets travel on an airline. I do love purple too !
Photos above and left. September 7, 2018. Stories of "Groot ". Groot is a very fine salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzers boy that just went home with his new family. Left we have Mackenzie's back to school picture and she insisted Groot be in the photo. Photo above is Mackenzie and Groot at the vet for his first checkup. "Groot is fitting in extremely well". Thank you Jessica for all the great photos.
I love Groot !
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Thank you for your continuing support.
Hello Sandra,
We just wanted to send you a “hello and thank you” for our precious Luna!
It is her first birthday on September 23rd.
She has brought us so much joy and I am sure as you can see, she has learned some new skills, such as long boarding.
She loves the water and being at the cottage.
She is doing great and she is so smart!

Photo below. September 21, 2018
Photo below features "Luna". Arabella and Studley puppy all grown up.
Good evening Sandra.  

I wanted to give you and update on Groot. What a sweet boy he is. He is perfectly healthy and so sweet. At puppy play time at our vet office he is by far the best behaved and completely house trained now. He loves his big back yard and Groot and Mackenzie are definitely best friends. She is his favorite person. We just had family pictures done and he was so good getting his picture done. I thought I would share a few with you. Enjoy and thank you so much for helping to complete our little family.  Jessica

Letter and 2 photos below. November 2, 2018
Thank you Jessica for sharing your gorgeous photos of Groot and his humans, I love them ! Sandra
November 11, 2018. Two photos below. Charlie with his family in Port Hope , Ontario. Charlie is a salt and pepper boy out of Gambles Ten Carat Ruby, by Gambles Five Star Stud.
Photo below November 23, 2018. This is one of the most endearing photos I have ever received. Thank you Jeremy for sharing this precious moment.
Photos below and right. December 1, 2018.
Cute little darling Pippa had her first haircut ! 
I love these 2 photos. Pippa by the fire with her Christmas toy and Pippa and Cheryl by the fire. Thank you for sharing with us today ! Pippa is a salt and pepper girl from the Ruby and Studley litter born August 23, 2018.  Part of a litter of 6 puppies.
Photo below and right. December 18th.,& 24th., 2018. Just received from Alison in Newmarket. This absolutely stunning boy is Finnegan ! WOW ! At almost 6 months old here. From the Aurora Gamble and Gambles Amori Marti litter of 4 born July 1, 2018
Hi Sandra!! 

I bet you must be very busy with the puppies and Christmas just around the corner!!

Today we took Finnegan for his first Schnauzer haircut!! Man does he look extremely handsome. Just in time for Christmas!!!!!

We can’t believe that he’s 6 months old now. He’s still the love and delight of our family. He’s soo smart and he learns soo quickly. And the most sweetest, well behaved boy ever!!!

We hope you enjoy the photos of him. We hope you and all the fabulous Gambles Schnauzers have a fantastic Christmas and Holidays!!!!

Photo below posted February 2, 2019. Look at this cute photo ! Black and silver Miniature Schnauzer brother and sister puppies Duke and Daisy playing with their humans pretending to be cute little pups too !
Photo right. December 23, 2018
Just received from Leanne. 

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
Charlie is doing great.
Growing more every day and still loves to be outside.
He has gotten brave and can now go up and down the stairs.
He loves to snuggle and play with the girls of course.
All the best for 2019!

Charlie is a Ruby and Studley puppy
        Thank you to all of our clients for your most recent photo        
                 contributions and monetary donations to my site. 
                                    2019 is off to a great start.
              From Sandra Gamble and all the Miniature Schnauzers.
Dear Sandra,

I don’t know if you remember me. I am Susan from Guelph who bought Angus (originally named Raven) born June 19th 2015 to Hope and Kismet. 

I’m not sure if the Christmas card I sent you has arrived so I thought I’d send you an email so I could share this lovely photo I had taken of Angus. 

He is such a beautiful dog and we love him to bits. I enjoy doing Tunnels and Jumps and Rally with him. 

I have just seen Maggie on your website and I’m so tempted. She looks a lot like Angus did as a puppy. Angus would probably like a companion! We used to have two schnauzers.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Guelph, Ontario

Photo and letter below. December 24, 2018.  From Susan and a very fine black and silver Miniature Schnauzer boy Angus.
Photo below. January 5, 2019.  Love this photo. Two lovely girls. Cheryl and Pippa. Pippa is a salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer girl out of Gambles Ten Carat Ruby by Gambles Five Star Stud. She was the smallest in her litter, but has wow has she ever grown  !  Thank you Cheryl for your continued updates. I enjoy seeing how my puppies are doing.
Photo below.  Posted January 11, 2019. Salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer boy Dante at his graduation party. Dante and our Studley are full brothers ! It makes me so happy when my clients take their dog out for training. This makes for a well adjusted well socialized pet.
Photo below. Posted January 11, 2019. Black and silver Miniature Schnauzer boy Oscar with his human warming up by the fire.
Photo below. January 5, 2019. Our first new Miniature Schnauzer photo post to start the New Year.
                 This is Pippa and her new owner. I love this photo. Wonderful lighting.
Photo right posted January 16, 2019.  This gorgeous black and silver boy is Steve !
Photo below posted January 21, 2019. Black and silver boy Oscar with some of his friend for his 3rd. Birthday party.
Photo below posted January 21, 2019. Oscar is opening his Birthday gifts with a little help from his friends. I wonder what is in there?
Photo right and below. The Birthday boy Oscar sporting his Birthday decorations.
Happy Birthday Oscar !
Photo below posted January 24, 2019. This stunning boy is Steve ! A gorgeous black and silver from the Gambles line.
Photo below posted January 28, 2019. This very handsome Miniature Schnauzer boy up on the grooming table is Fritz ! What a darling !
  You will be astonished at how clean and odor free it is at Gambles Miniature Schnauzers !
Photos left and below . 
February 20, 2019. 

I see you there ! 

Look at this cute Rufus 
sleeping in his puppy bed !    
                Photo below posted March 23, 2019. Richard and Griff on their fishing expedition.
Schnauzers are at home on the water too ! Thank you Richard for your nice letter and photos today.
                  Although your pet is not one of ours we just had to share your great photo today.
We are Gambles Miniature Schnauzers. Top Miniature Schnauzer breeder of companion Miniature Schnauzer dogs with Miniature Schnauzer puppies in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. Breeding with honesty and integrity for over 30 years we have produced gorgeous black and silvers, salt and peppers, and white puppies to be your loyal loving companion. We truly love what we do and would not be here without you ! The pages you find on our site are full of Miniature Schnauzer love from me to you. 
                     Stay a long time and enjoy ! Sandra Gamble
Photo left. April 27, 2019. Black and silver Miniature Schnauzer girl " Isla" is looking so cute perched up on the white leather sofa cushion.   This photo was taken right before she embarked on her trip to PEI to spend her summer by the ocean.  
The life of luxury. All of your Miniature Schnauzer relatives at Sandra's say hello.    Woof    Woof 
Miniature Schnauzer graphic above by 
                  Sandra Gamble. 
Hi Sandra. 
I like to update you from time to time on Dantes pawgress. Lol. We are so lucky to have him. Honestly my husband Kim and I spoil him some rotten( in a good way). He gets a parcel one a month from woofpack it comes with 3 bags of treats and 3 toys. Little bugger knows when we come in the house that the parcel is for him. He goes for bi monthly grooming sessions and loves his groomer Lesley T from Petsmart. We brush his teeth which believe he loves every couple days. Does not get any processed food. All raw diet for him. Even his treats are raw. He loves sweet potatoes carrots blueberries strawberries and apples. We now take him regularly off leash for walks along the trails. He goes ahead of us and then turns around and comes running back to us. He is so loveable and snuggly. He loves going for car and truck rides. His Vet Dr.Murphy says he is one healthy little boy. He is so well known at the vets, we have him there for a nail clip every 2 weeks. We are so blessed that he is in our lives. Thank you again Sandra for your wonderful breeding program with your babies. I keep saying we are so lucky to have found you.   
Dante's Mom,  Lisa B.
Photo and letter below. April 29, 2019.  Look at this cute salt and pepper boy " Dante" !
Full brother to our Gambles Five Star Stud ,"Studley".
I have the best parents on earth !
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  Thank you clients for all of your happy letters, photos   and phone calls too !      They fill me with such joy !

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