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              From Sandra Gamble and all the Miniature Schnauzers.
Photo right posted January 16, 2019.  This gorgeous black and silver boy is Steve !

Hi Sandra,
It's been a few years since I last emailed you. I hope you have been well! 
I just wanted to send you a couple photos of my proud Dr. Watson from a cottage trip this summer. 
As you can see, he loves the outdoors, and can't get enough of it! He loves chasing the waves, and barking at the waves every time they retreat, as if to say "Hey! Come back and keep playing with me!"
He's a bit over 6.5 years old now, but he's still in fantastic health! He comes to work with me every day at my shop, greets all my customers, and they all love him and his excited energy! I've recommended Gambles to a number of people who are interested in miniature schnauzers.
I hope you enjoyed these photos of my dear Watson. He has given me an unconditional level of love and companionship that I could not have asked more of!
Brian W.

Photo and letter below. October 31, 2019
2 photos below. November 14, 2019. Balto and his little half sister Beloo. Thank you Sojin and Edward for the beautiful photos of your Miniature Schnauzer pets.  Mom to both is Aurora.  Dad to salt and pepper boy Balto is Studley ! Dad to little black and silver girl Beloo is Marti.  
Balto and Beloo are doing so great together and they just put a smile on our faces when we watch them playing together. We are so grateful with our decision where we decided to have second puppy in our lives, Balto looks way happier than when he was alone by himself. They both eat great and play crazy every moment!! Thanks again for giving us these awesome and healthy pups. We will keep you updated. XOXO
Sojin writes;
    Photo below. November 18, 2019.
 Just sent in to us today from Diane B.                    Molly and Maggie !
Waiting to come in for breakfast
Molly is a gem. She loves Maggie

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Photo below. December 15, 2019. I am Finn ! Full brother to Gambles Noella ! Born on Christmas Eve December 24, 2015.       He will be 4 years old. How time flies. 
                                    Thank you Laura for sharing with us today.
Photo below. December 21, 2019. Angus is so photogenic !  
He is out of Hope and Kismet. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.
Photo right. December 23, 2019. Clementine waiting by her Christmas tree waiting to help decorate. 

 Clementine is a black and silver girl  
          out of Rose and Studley 
               born June19, 2019.

Hi Sandra, 

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
We are loving our beautiful puppy, Clementine. She is so sweet and fun, and loved by the entire family. 
Here is a recent picture of her as we are getting our home ready for Christmas. 

Wanda B.

2 photos below. December 27, 2019
Hi Sandra 
Here is our annual Dante photo with the Christmas tree. Sorry it is a little late. He is still doing very well. He has made friends with our daughters kitty cat since they have moved in with us. He had some getting used to his crate again. I had him up north this year for 4.5 months while I helped out my mom and dad while Dad battled cancer. He made so many new friends up north and really enjoyed playing with his friend Kona a Golden. Dante was so good with Dad, he was actually amazing and gentle. After Dad passed, when Dante went back to the house he was looking all over for Dad and wound up laying beside the couch where he spent a lot of time laying next to Dad. He was lost for the first few days. This little guy has helped me so much dealing with the loss. His cuddles mean the world to me. And knows exactly when I need the cuddle. I am including a photo of Dante and my Daddy. I hope you have a wonderful upcoming year and that 2020 blessed you and your breeding program. It sure is the best out there.  

Photo below posted January 6, 2020.
Duke and Daisy. 2 outstanding black and silvers from the Gambles line.
Photo below posted January 6, 2020.  Jasper and Toby having their afternoon naps.
Photo below posted January 9, 2020. Humphrey and Newton. 2 black and silver brothers. Our Gambles Amori Marti is their full brother . Gorgeous boys.
Out of Gambles Bella Porsche by Gambles Bet On Vince To Win Place Or Show.
Dante is a salt and pepper boy out of Hope and Kismet. (Son of Vince)
Photo right. January 14, 2020. Happy first Birthday Mickey ! We love your cake ! Mickey is a black and silver boy out of Aurora and Studley born January 12, 2019. He has  5 other siblings as well.  Zoey, Jasper, Balto, Roger, and Bailey.  Happy Birthday to all of your sisters and brothers. 
What a gorgeous litter this is !
Photo below posted January 14, 2020.
Baby Mickey at his new home. He has surely grown into a handsome adult at 25 pounds  in the photo right.
Photo below. January 17, 2020.  A tender photo just received from Demirela.  This is Max sleeping so nicely with his stuffy . Max is a black and silver boy  born October 19, 2019. Out of Gambles Miss Dahlia by Gambles Amori Marti.
 He is now 3 months old. My puppies that went home around the Christmas Holiday received this toy in their puppy home coming kits. 
Max has 2  salt and pepper sisters, Gracie and Peanut.
2 Photos below. January 18, 2020.  Black and silver girl Senna. Out of Joy and Vlad born August 25, 2019
 I'm sending you some pics of Senna. She is doing really great. She is such a sweet girl. She walks lovely on leash, no pulling! She is so smart! We just love her to pieces and she was just what we needed to make our family whole again. We just had her groomed today and looks like a different pup!
Goldy writes;
2 photos below. January 20, 2020. Oscar and his family
 Hi Sandra. I hope you are well. Our little Oscar turns 4 today - thought you might like these pictures from his birthday and Christmas. He is a wonderful dog and much loved.
All the best, Sheri

Happy Birthday ! Oscar is 4 years old !
Oscar is smiling in both photos above !
Photo left. January 27, 2020.
A wonder photo by Sojin of beautiful Balto in a vehicle with his luxurious cuddle blanket.

Balto is as salt and pepper boy born January 12, 2019 out of Aurora and Studley from a litter of six. His brothers and sisters are; Zoey, Mickey, Jasper, Roger and Bailey.
Thank you everyone for your most recent donations ! Much appreciated !
Photo left. June 11, 2020. Look at this very cute Rosey ! She had her fist clip today by he Dad Ron.  Rosey is a light salt and pepper girl born March 3, 2020. Out of Gambles Miss Daisy by Gambles Amori Marti.  Her Grand Mother is Gambles Ten Karat Ruby and Grand Father is Vlad ! They are all on the 'Our Pets' page. Thank you Ron for sharing your photo today.
Photo left. Posted June 11, 2020. Beautiful  Baxter. A black and silver boy almost 10 years old now ! Looking good !
Hi Sandra

I just wanted to send you a quick email with some recent photos and an update on Libby. Today is her first birthday! I can’t believe it. Seems just like yesterday I was constantly checking your website waiting for the litter to be born. Libby is doing very well. She weighs 20lbs! The vet said her weight is perfect (she’s much taller and longer than my last schnauzer). She’s very spoiled. She loves going for her walks, running in the forest behind our house, and swimming in the lake! She loves to play fetch and belly rubs. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family and we love her dearly. Thank you again for choosing us to receive one of your wonderful puppies!
Hope you enjoy the photos.
Take care

March 3, 2021. letter and 4 photos below. 
Photo right posted March 6, 2021. Black and silver  Miniature Schnauzer girl Daphne. I have always enjoyed this Easter photo that was sent in to me from her Mom Darla and family. Thank you for sharing.
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